Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 8

Today was a great day! We had a tough game and fought through it today! We won 3-0 over Australia. Cat through a great game shutting them out with a no no! We battled at the plate getting 3 across. Lovie had a stolen base and then Tash had a great AB and scored Lovie on a single over short. Good times! Bustos then came up and hit a Bizomb! Yep with Mendoza on base to make it 3-0! No time to celebrate on to Canada. We are thinking Canada... looking forward to tomorrows face off.

Ace and Casey managed to stay up again for the whole game. Ace shouting Boo Boo for her Bustos and Tasha for Natasha as they went up to bat. So fun. We are his girls! Him and daddy cheering us on! He is sleeping in til noon at this point and I love it. Even my Aces in the states are gearing up following us all the way. They are so sweet and so supportive! I miss them dearly! Love you guys!

I had an extra special treat this afternoon. My family came over to the Olympic Village to visit for the afternoon. We are only allowed very few guest passes so I was thrilled they were able to see where we live! We had a great afternoon, it was fun showing them around. They were even able to join me for dinner and experience the lovely spread in the dining hall. Its pretty amazing. They were so stoked to drink cold water... I guess everything is served pretty much luke warm. We tried out all the different foods served from all over the world. My brother was super excited to get a good ice cream bar in. My sis was happy to get some fresh fruits and veggies. My parents just happy to be there with me! :) I was elated to be in their company. We walked around, showing them village life and what we do to pass time. We even were able to watch a little TV and do some shopping in the Souvenir shop. Fun Fun!

We are staying focused on our game but enjoying life here in China. I really enjoy our bus rides to and from the field... lots of children. Usually in tow with their parents and being held tight. The family seems so important and so tight knit here in China. Its fun to see smiling faces and young bright faces. It makes me think of Ace and brings joy to my heart. Its so fun to see their faces light up when they see a bus full of athletes. I've been so impressed how well English is spoken here and how helpful everyone is. We get greeted every time we walk in our apt building... never even having to open a door for ourselves. Lots of smiles and everyone is so willing and eager to help. Not accepting or even wanting a tip. Its been a pleasure and great delight to be around so many generous people. Its pretty funny how they are for the most part serious and straight face but once you break the ice with a smile their whole world loosens up. They then start greeting you anxiously for a smile and hello. We are making many friends here in China. :)

Well off to bed it is... Getting ready for tomorrow! Taking it one day at a time!
Continuing to dream and believe!


ss_softballgirl_12 said...

jennie you rock!!!!! i watch every game religiously. i haven't missed a game yet. my friends and i all look up to you, probably literally we are not very tall. i have always loved to play softball but after i got hurt, the closest thing to playing was to watch you pitch. i am some what of a pitcher at my school( and by some what i mean i pitched only like 2 games out of 13). but i just wanted to tell you how much i look up to you. good luck and brin home the gold!!!!!
your biggest fan,
chandler witzigreuter

softballgirlmattie said...

jennie you are awsome and ace is so cute i saw you in oklahoma and in texas me and my friend look up to you
and me and my friend probably know everything about you.
bring home the gold i know you can do it. your biggist fan mattie

Patty said...

hey Jennie, just wanted to say you're great and my 7 soon to be 8 on Aug 20, loves you. she also chose you to do her olympic report on. i have been playing/coaching softball for 30 years now. (i am 40) so if you have time i surely wish you could send her a birthday wish. her name is Maisy Price, her email thanks and keep up the good work!!
patty price--chickamauga, ga