Monday, June 16, 2008

Living the Dream!

Happy Father's Day to all the special dads out there!!! Im so grateful and blessed with an incredible dad whom I admire and appreciate so grately! We were sad to be away from Casey this Fathers Day, we are on the road with the US Team. We are so thankful and love him dearly! We love you and miss you!

We enjoyed an off day today... We had a bbq on the motor home today! My dear Uncle Larry is on the road with us and graciously lets us use his motor home as drives us across country behind the bus! This allows the boys to travel along with us, we are so grateful for all of his sacrifice and time. He is so great and what a trooper. Well today we grilled out, Bustos hooked it up with some beans, rice, and delicious carne asada! It was so good, oh and some awesome guac too! So we had a little taste of home with the motor home!

Yesterday we lifted in the morning and then headed to Elgin, Ill to attend the Bandits game vs Canada. It was good to see friends, fans, and be around the Bandits! They have a really talented team this year and we are looking forward to great things in Elgin our new home. I look forward to returning in 09' playing for the Bandits!

We've had a great few weeks as a team, some tough games in Oklahoma City vs NPF All Stars, Canada, and China. It was really exciting getting geared up getting a taste of the Olympics. We are 53 days out! Its coming quick and we are preparing hard. We had such great crowds! We even were able to catch the last few days of the College World Series. Its always great to be in such a tremendous softball environment!

I'm blessed to have my mom on the road with me this month! Our family has made such great sacrifices to help us out this year, we are so grateful! The exciting news of the month is I am an Aunt again!!!! Our first baby girl Finch!!! Malaya Violet!!! She made us wait for her a week or so, over due but well worth it! I cant wait to hold her and finally get to meet her. She is absolutely beautiful!!! We are so excited!

Ace is doing great! All over the place! Staying up late on the road! He's really into running the bases, its so fun to have him with me able to attack the field after games! Hes got his windmill motion down! He is saying more and more. He loves animals, the highlight riding on the motor home through the midwest is the cows and horses. Its so fun seeing him with my teammates getting lots of love and laughs! He has many great Aunties... not to mention they are worlds greatest softball players.

Some exciting business things happening. Dudley has come out with "Jennie Finch Softballs" even in pink. They are really fun! I'm excited about the new partnership. The new Mizuno Finch line is pretty neat too. Just seen some prototypes but really exciting stuff. I think you all will love the new designs!
We are getting lots of registrations in for our camps this fall! Please dont wait to register as they are filling up! We are looking forward to having 4 this fall I love getting to meet and teach young girls across this country and bring them the best of instruction from Olympians and Professionals! It's so fun seeing the youth so thrilled and in love with our great game of fastpitch! Please look under camps for your registration forms. We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, and love. We are definitely living a dream and enjoying each day! Casey, Ace and I are so very thankful! Its not easy being a part but we love what we do.

Keep dreaming & believing!