Monday, April 27, 2009

The Express, Round Rock, Turning 3, & more!

Amazing how God works! The Lord answered our prayers ten fold! Sorry for a bit of delay and not blogging, its been a bit crazy! Good crazy that is! Casey signed with the Astros and is playing for the Round Rock Express, Triple A! We could not of picked a better place to be! Casey's brother and his family live here and we are etching closer to aka "God's Country" for Casey Louisiana! We have so enjoyed spending time with family and being able to do things we so have longed to being close! Ace is enjoying his girl cousins here. The first night he comes running in from the girls playroom shouting, "Mommy, we are all Princesses!" Ugh Oh I thought! He is soaking up his time with his girls!

Casey is loving being back in uniform and on the mound! The Stadium is emaculate, the staff is so sweet, the community is very supportive! We are thankful, to be on board! Casey is getting back in the groove after a week and half off! It felt like a month, or two, for us all! We loaded up our trailer and off we went! Another zip code to put on our list of places we have lived! :)

Ace is about to turn 3! So much fun! We got him his own jersey and boy, does he love it! He has worn it the last 3 days in a row. Casey finally said, enough of the jersey huh? But I love it and he loves it! I think I am opting of just getting him an away one! :) The next morning after getting his jersey he wanted cleats. So Ms. Daigle went out to get him some. He was doing push ups on the floor in the store with his cleats on! Shouting, this is what baseball players do! I said, he needs pants if he has cleats, so now he has the whole get up! Not budging on his bull riding, its still going strong too!

We had a lil' birthday family gathering for Ace here with the Daigles yesterday. It was a lot of fun! He has been wanting a motorcycle for months now... so as you can see he got his motorcycle last night. He was doing tricks on it, loving it! He was so excited!

I will post soon about his binky! He gave it away to Hunter, his cousins dog! So that was it. We have been telling him when he turns 3 that is it! So stories are to come!

Thanks for all your support, love, and most importantly the greatest gift of all, prayers!

Gotta go! Ace just told me, he wants his whole jersey on, of course he does! That makes 4 days in a row!

Dreaming & Believing!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Bull Rider!

Check him out! Yep, that is our Ace! A Bull Rider and proud of it! Non stop, from morning til' night! Riding Bulls, tipping his hat to the ladies, boots, cowboy hat, bucking, flips, and doing it all over again! Oh and did I mention the clown and hopping fences escaping his feared yellow with blue pok a dotted Rody! Rody is his bulls name, yes he wanted a name for him. He met a young boy, 9 months to be exact today and immediately introduced himself as "Ace, and I'm a bull rider!" Too stinkin' cute! He loves it and can not get enough of it! Boy are we so happy to have Rody, it used to be us! Now we are in search of a clown with a big red nose, no of any?

Dreaming and Believing,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Enjoying our time together!

So, these last few days have been a bit rough. Casey did so well, worked so very hard, and yet was released. It's so very frustrating and hard to imagine. He did so well. I don't want to brag but Casey deserves to be bragged about. Especially having to go through this, with no explanations. They said he did all he was asked to do and beyond, but yet there is no room...? He gave up 2 hits in his last 8 innings. Left Big League camp with a little above a 1 era. It really has felt like he has been invisible. He earned his way... but yet was released. This left nothing but frustration and confusion. Its was almost as though it was a bad bad joke, it so does not make sense.

But, we are reminded and encouraged again and again, God has a perfect plan for Casey and us. Obviously, there is a better path and God has something amazing in store for Casey. It too has reminded me what an amazing husband I have. He has dealt with all of this with such grace. He is such a consistent guy, so mellow, easy going, really just amazing! I am so lucky and grateful! He is so very strong and it is almost as though we are looking to him for strength and Casey is providing. Our hearts are broken for him and with him but he is okay. So, we will be patient and Casey is a reminder to us, to let God lead us. Whenever and Wherever.

I want it so badly for Casey. I want him to have just an opportunity. I want people to appreciate him and the player that he is. I want him to have people believing in him and encouraging him. I know this is my prayers, hopes, and wants. But again, I am looking upward and trusting in our faithful heavenly Father to lead us.

I have to admit though, it has been a fun few days together as a family! The joy that Ace has brought us. The gut giggles Casey and I have shared. We are enjoying and trusting in Him. We are so very blessed and grateful for what we have. Looking upward!

Happy Birthday Baby! Casey is 28 in a couple of hours! April 4th. We love you and are so very proud of you! We are so thankful for the husband and daddy that you are! You are our shining star! We love you! Happy 28th! Ha, I'm not older anymore! ;) xoxo