Friday, September 18, 2009

Virginia Camp

Oh my goodness! What a blast we had in Virginia for camp! We had such an amazing turnout! More than 2,000 people were there to share in the festive camp experience! Moments like these prove to me our sport has a bright future! No matter what vote, Olympics or no Olympics!

We had over 2,000 people and over 400 campers eager and excited to learn about this game and about the game of life! Its about having dreams and believing in those dreams! Part of my continuing playing is for these young girls. I still want them to know that just because we are not in the Olympics there still is that dream of wearing USA!

Weekends like this are so overwhelming! Amazing! I love this game and I love the bright future of it! Thanks for another incredible camp!

Heading out to Atlanta to meet with Mizuno, then NY for WePlay!

Next camp will be in Sacramento, California Sept 26 & 27! Spots are still available, its our only stop on the west! Looking forward to it!

Dreaming & Believing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tasting the Off Season!

I can taste it and oh how sweet it is already! Even sweeter than my birthday cake last night! Casey finishes up Monday... its been a long one, but a blessed one!

We had our first camp to kick off the fall in South Dakota. We had such a blast! Thanks to all the many people who helped to put on a fun weekend! Register on my website for a camp near you!

I am headed to Broxton, Mass this weekend. Going out to announce my partnership with On Deck Sports! Excited about my signature line of pitching mats and the partnership with such an innovative company,

Looking forward to meeting many softball players and people out there at the Rox game on Saturday night! Another first pitch too, should I go under or over hand? Let me know!

Next weekend we are headed to Virginia for Camp #2, and its sold out! Looking forward to another exciting weekend of camp!

My roots are in the mid west, so Ace and I decided to stay and visit with my Grandma's and his Great Grandma's! Its amazing to even say Great-Grandmas! It brought tears of joy to my eyes numerous times. We are so blessed to have 2 incredible, beautiful grandmothers to share so many treasured memories with! Its always so hard to say goodbye! Here are some pictures from the wonderful few days!

I celebrated the big 2-9 yesterday! Time is just flying by! It was lovely to be able to celebrate with my grandmothers and then the Daigles that evening in Texas! Here is a shot of Ace and I after a long day of travel! And thanks to my sis in law, all 29 candles!

Thanks for all the many sweet, generous, and thoughtful birthday wishes! We are so very blessed! We thank the Lord for each and every day as it is a gift, the present!

Can't wait to see Casey even if its for a few minutes before taking off again! :)

Dreaming & Believing! Off season here we come!