Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amazing Awaits!!!!

After a great off week we have finally arrived together as a team. We enjoyed some family time together, even took a trip to the zoo! Ace loved it. We try to visit the zoo in each city we visit. Casey and I always went as a couple and now its even more fun taking Ace. His favorite was the giraffes and elephants right now. I soaked up every minute I could in between work outs and preparing. It was a sad good bye, very difficult. I know he will be in the best hands and get lots of loving its just hard having your heart torn in half or completely. ;) My heart is with them but too with my teammates and the game we love. I'm so blessed to be able to do both but sadly this was the one trip Ace will not be going on! He will keep daddy company and cheer him on as the baseball season is coming to an end. The anxiety and build up of knowing I will be leaving is the hardest part. I know its for a short time and he wont remember but he still has my heart inside of him, and always will!!! I look forward to the rest of our lives together!!

Seeing my team helped me out. It's always great to be reunited with my team... they make it better! They are my rock getting through this!!!

Now its submarine time! Tunnel vision! One dream! One goal! Here we come!

We are in Beijing! We made it!
It was an easy flight filled with lots of emotions!!! We had a great few days in San Jose going to through processing. We were hooked up with tons of gear! Including our stylish opening ceremony gear!!! Ralph Lauren if our outfitter, we will be the best dressed for sure! Fun stuff! The excitement just keeps building. We processed with a few cyclists, track athletes, we saw the wrestlers come in as we were headed out. We are here on a mission, and we are fully aware of the journey ahead of us. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears... we are ready. Ready for battle.

The athlete village is beautiful! Huge!!! A little river running through it, lots of artwork, statues, and lots of green! There is even a pond with fish! My roomie is Bustos! Enjoying every minute, she is the best! We have practice today, looking forward to getting on the field! Its been fun seeing all the athletes and familiar faces. We are a family, the USA family! The dining hall is massive! Too much to choose from last night I had a raging salad full of veggies, and spinach and squash. We topped it off with some ice cream. Bustos hit up the Mc Donalds! I was so stoked to see the Mc Cafe in the village, yep all the free mochas you can drink! Along with Coke machines all over the village. Lots of Diet Coke, unlimited, just awesome! Look out! Lots of fun! Still figuring the ins and outs of it all. Its incredible. One World, One Dream is posted all over. So many colors, shapes, sizes, just incredible. Lots of flags proudly posted up!

Lots of love to my family, friends, and fans! Thank you for all your prayers, support, and love. I can not express my gratitude! Thank you! This is it! The Show!!! Let it begin!

Dreaming and Believing! Lots of love to all!


Kevin Rehberg said...

Yes! Whats up Jennie? Glad to see you are representing Arizona over there in Beijing. I have always been a fan. You rock!

It would mean a lot if you went to my blog and left me a comment. I just started blogging and would love to tell my friends you said hi.

Bring back gold!


Mark M. said...

Great Job, Jennie!

Good luck in Beijing!

Bring the US some gold!

Anonymous said...

good luck jennie!!! and good luck to the team i hope and pray that u do great and will win the gold again!!!!

God Bless

Scotty said...
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Scotty said...

You rock! Me and my daughter Logan - she's nine - are very excited to be attending your camp in Little Rock.

Good luck in the Olympics and tell and tell Cat we said hi.

Anonymous said...

Jennie! My dream is to meet you one day! It would be one of the most amazing experiences of my life apart from accepting the Lord Jesus into my life! I would love to be able to chat with you and talk about how the Lord has brought you to yet another Olympics! I am pulling for you guys! GO USA!! Praying for you all!