Saturday, August 30, 2008

Being a Daigle!

The last couple of days I have truly enjoyed being Ms. Daigle and Ace Daigle's mommy! Its been so much fun not having a schedule, having to find a catcher to go out and pitch too, and having a to do list! We are unpacking, organizing, and I'm still trying to adjust to the time. Ace is back in his house, on cloud 9. He is a bit confused about having a "home", or even what a "home" is. His home is with mom and dad where ever that may be in this world. We have created him a play room which he adores. He has been running around our house shouting, "Ace's play room, Ace's play room." He has rediscovered all of his toys. His favorite being his tractor and trailer. Any time he mentions his tractor he says, pull the trailer. He is obsessed with construction trucks! He has fallen for Sponge Bob. I'm not so sure how to feel about it. It wouldn't be my choice at all but he is already fallen. I'm still trying to figure out why? He is getting so big! He eats at his little bar all by himself. Wipes his mouth and all. Its adorable. We've converted his crib into a toddler bed. Yes, my baby is gone. Now a toddler quickly growing into a little boy if not already. He is 37 inches tall. We started a growth chart! We've truly enjoyed being a family. Ace will randomly when we are all together point to me and say, mommy then point to Casey and say, daddy! He is realizing we are actually all together. The first couple of days he kept saying, "Mommy all done in China, nope, no more China"! So cute! He constantly said it as we watched the closing ceremony. Casey can't wait to get out on his boat. I think today might be the day for him. He is so excited! Last night we had our first Mexican Dinner back in Az. It was so good. We left miserable, filled to the top. I practically rolled out. Its been so much fun having us all together as one. Casey is such a good dad and has to have everything as perfect as can be for his little guy. Its so cute! Tonight we are thinking about taking Ace to the Monster Truck Rally here in town. I think he'll go nuts.

Its so nice to be back in our house. Oh, how cactus have grown on me! The warmth, the sunsets, familiarity with the area, friends, so very much! We will actually get to attend church on Sunday too! Good times! As I write, I'm looking out our window admiring many birds eating away. I feel a bit like the lady in Home Alone in central park. One of mine, and now Aces favorite things to do, is fill the bird feeders and watch the birds go to town! We even get a Cardinal every once once in awhile! Casey and Ace went out last night for a ride and saw Javalinas, Casey said Ace was in awe. I actually cooked too! My mom's vegetable beef soup! I'm trying to cook a little more, we are a bit tired of restaurants and eating out. Who knows if it will really happen but I'm going to try! It was refreshing.

Travel is coming a bit quicker than I thought, but worth it. We will be going to Chicago to appear on Oprah. She is honoring Olympians! I've always wanted to meet her and hopefully I will get the chance! It will air on the 8Th, I believe. It will be fun seeing my teammates again! I have to admit I miss them! We've been texting here and there. We've spent the last year together its weird not having them around. I took Ace on a walk/jog yesterday that was the first physical exercise I've had since getting back. I need to get it going again. We are gearing up for our Sacramento Camp, the first of four for the fall. They are filling up fast. It will be a blast. I have to admit selfishly I look forward to them too because it's a little bit of a reunion to see friends/teammates!

I have to congratulate the Chicago Bandits, the NPF Champs! Great job ladies!!! We are so proud! I'm looking forward to next season. Exciting stuff! Way to go!

Thank you all for your kind words and support. Your comments are inspiring and I'm very appreciative. It seems as though its hard to escape, everyone lets us know how sorry they are. I was walking down the isle in Lowe's the other day and this guy turns around and says, "Sorry". I replied, "Excuse me." Again he says, "Sorry." So caught off guard I return, "Sorry for what?" He said, "Sorry about the silver." So I'm constantly reminded whether its by others or in my own head. Many hearts were broke along with ours. Life continues to go on and we will be faced with many more challenges to face. We know there will be many bigger obstacles down the road and much more severe than a loss.



luv2lol said...

What a strong and wonderful lady you are to put your feelings and thoughts out there for us to read. You are such a giving person. I met you in OKC on June 6, 2008. You unexpectedly walked into the Softball Hall of Fame Shop after the China game & blew our minds. I know you had come in there to do a little shopping but you so graciously took the time to autograph my program and take a couple of pictures with me. Do you remember? I was the first one up to you and you said you didn't have a pen so when I went to give you a choice of 2 that I had in my pocket we bumped hands (b/c I was shaking so hard, I even told you that I was so nervous & you said, its ok)and dropped the pen. You kept my pen by the way to sign for others as well. = )I know you met countless number of fans along the way, I just thought I'd ask b/c it is one of the brightest moments in my life.
Now about the Japan game. I'm with your thinking. God had a plan and who's to say that Japan taking the Gold isn't a "statement" (if you will) to the commission board that USA is not the domineering team they are claiming. i.e. reason for taking softball out of the Olympics. And like you said, what an awesome display of determination & will power given by the Japan pitcher. She truly had a game of a life time those last couple of games. My hats off to her. It’s true that anyone at anytime can win the game of softball. As a former athlete (college level)a loss is a loss and no one ever likes that feeling. However, I was glad to see you statement about the game of live being the more important game. I lost my parents 62 days apart from each other almost 3 yrs ago. My Mother passed first very unexpectly, and then I found my Father in his bed 62 days later. They had been married for 50 yrs the month before my Mother passed. We all knew Dad wouldn't last long w/out her, they were so close & still in love after all those yrs. As hard as it still is to not have them here, it really forces you to look at your own life and to make the best of everyday. You never know when your time is up. When we were in OKC watching you pitch, I couldn't help but also watch Ace playing close to his Grandmother w/his toys. How kind your Mother was to talk to me for a bit, smile at me. Ball parks are all the same wherever you go. No one cross their boundaries, no one bothers your stuff. It’s like we're all one big family when we're inside those gates. Mutual respect for all. The game of softball has taken me and my family many places. I have more memories than I could begin to tell you about. My Father also was the one who was out there teaching & coaching me all through my college days. To think that softball will not be played in the Olympics is truly a missed opportunity for all. Not just the girls who aspire in getting there, but everyone who is even remotely associated with her as well. That is why I have joined "Back Softball" and am campaigning to anyone who will listen. (And even those who won't ha ha).
Thank You Jennie for your support, honesty, and willingness to share a part of you. I've got your back!!

God Bless You and Yours,


Anonymous said...

Hey there Jennie! You are such an inspiration to me! I enjoyed watching you in China. I also got the chance to see you in Topeka, KS and Rapid City, SD and I'm only 17 years old. I live in Sioux Falls, SD and you inspire me to go for all of my dreams. I love that you are able to share your life with all of us. Ace is such a little cutie. I'm not surprised at how much you love him. I fell in love with him the second I saw him in Topeka! :) He seems like such an awesome little guy, just like his awesome mom! I hope and pray that you have a fantastic rest of the year. Heck, have a fantastic rest of your life! May God lead you through all the good and bad times. I Will be praying for you and your family!

P.S. Thank you for signing my replica Finch jersey! You made my life!

God Bless!

-Jess F.

Brianna said...

I miss you and your vegetable beef stew! :)

TLM17 said...


Thanks for taking the time to tell everyone how you are feeling. I think that you did a very good job with that. A lot of people dont understand what athletes go through. As athletes we always want more and to do the very best no matter what at all costs. Y’all have done an excellent job all the way around. You are totally right about everything that you said. God does have a plan for each of us individually and will lead us in the direction that He so desires. He never promised that life would be easy, but He will always be there for you; in good times, bad times, and the worst of times. Continue to hold your head up and live your life each day. I am so happy for you that you are getting to spend so much time with Casey and Ace. They are special. I wish y’all nothing but the best.

God Bless,
Tiffany M.

Sherry said...


Its great that you are back with the "men" in your life. As much as my family enjoys watching you play softball, as a mommy I can not help to think of the sacrifices that you make. On top of that the role model that you are to millions of little girls in this world is awwe inspiring. We saw the U.S. team play against the Akron Racers and of course watched the olympic games. I was so proud to be American while watching you play.

We are bringing my 12 yr. old daughter to the camp in Williamsport, PA. I do not know how I am going to get through the next three months, she is besides herself with excitement. She has your posters all over her room and the other day she made one herself. It read "Phillipians 3:13" I asked her why she made the sign and she said "its what Jennie says before every pitch"
Jennie you will receive many crowns in heaven as you have used your gift to be a witness to others. In your own way softball has been a ministry and I know that you have touched at least one persons life and that is my daughters. Thank You

Sherry Wilber

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie. I just wanted to tell you that I look up to you in every way possible. Still, what's most impressive to me is how you openly speak about your relationship with God and how important it is to trust Him in everything. That's what I'm trying to do in my life right now, so thank you for sharing your thoughts. It means a lot.
-A Fan

butlerathawaii said...

Jennie, Jennie the awesome dedicated competive hottie. If they don't bring fast pitch back I will be so upset. You are living a lot of our dreams. I miss the feeling you have to get every now and again. The feeling you get when you walk out on the field right before a game. The uniform you were to represent your team, your family. The competion, strenght and pride. I miss it! It took me a long time to get over not getting a scholarship...I got by in high school. I just wanted to play ball...nothing else mattered. At any rate I definitly need to hook myself up with one of your hats. I wish you were playing in Chicago in October because, I will be going to see Madonna in!

Ugogurl27 said...

first and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You have been such a blessing to so many and I pray that on this special day you are blessed with all the love and laughter you give out returned to you 100x over. :)

I have to say that reading your blogs is such a treat. I can feel the excitement and pride you have being a mom when you are talking about Ace. It's so darn cute!! It's probably good that you have something like this to allow you to record your feelings this time in his life because they grow up sooo fast and the moments fly embrace and appreciate every one of them. There really is no love like the love of a child and that as I am sure you can testify outshines any medal or award ever given. On a separate but yet related note, I don't get the SpongeBob thing myself either,lol, but since he is into the construction trucks so much etc, maybe steer him towards Bob the Builder or Hanny Manny stuff instead ;) They grow out of those phases just as quickly as they are into them, so don't fear too much.:)

I wanted to write you for so long after the Games, but couldn't quite put into words everything I wanted to say and the feelings were a bit too raw for both you and for me. It's amazing how even not being physically involved in any way,shape or form with the team or it's efforts, you can become so emotionally attached and live and die,so to speak,with every pitch thrown and end result etc..Took me awhile to recoup and even now when I think about it,saddens me a bit. I am not going to belabor it and I don't mean to keep opening up old wounds for you,but let me just say this. There's a GREAT quote by basketball coach Kay Yow that I refer to so much that says "You can't change the direction of the wind..but you can adjust your sails" and i think that applies here so well and from what I have seen of your comments, is exactly what you have done. All you can do is move forward,try to find the positive out of it and know that everything happens for a reason. Deep down,I truly believe it did and that brings me comfort as I hope it does for you as well.

Jennie...bottom line..I couldn't be more proud of you!!! You represent yourself and your team and country with such pride,dignity and class and that my dear, cannot be measured by the color of the medal around your neck. Your giving spirit and loving heart truly shines out the beauty inside of you and that makes you a gold medalist any day in my book! Thank you for sharing your faith and being such an open book to everyone. I am constantly encouraged by it and inspired by you.

So on this very special day, know that you are deeply loved and admired,by those at home and many unknown faces who's lives you have touched. Ace Daigle's mommy ROCKS!!!! :) God bless Jennie. Love ya lots!

Trisha :)

Kiana said...

Hi Jennie!

First off, I want to start by wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope this day turns out to be everything you could've ever hoped for (though I'm sure it will since you have Casey and Ace). Just don't party too hard! *wink*

Now I want to turn my attention to another subject, that being the fact that you are such an inspiration. Sure the little girls look up to you because you're "Jennie Finch, the face of USA Softball", you're tall and beautiful, and because you're such a dominant pitcher and you can back up all of your success on the field. I believe that there is nothing wrong with admiring you for those reasons. But personally, I admire you because of your strong faith and the fact that you're not afraid to speak openly about it. A lot of times you see people in the spotlight, like yourself, that just take so many things for granted. They go out and carry themselves in ways that I honestly believe you wouldn't normally see out of them if their situation was different (to be frank, if they were "normal"). But the thing that I really like about you is that no matter the situation, you always remain so humble. You always have a smile on your face whether you're having a good day or a bad one. I just wish there were a million others out there like you. I know you must come from an amazing family to be able to remain so grounded.

I've rambled enough now. I'll stop boring you. :-)

Again, I hope you have an amazing birthday and I look forward to seeing you on Oprah! Oh by the way, Ace is totally going to have all the girls fighting over him when he gets older. He is SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!


I'm not purposely trying to turn this into a sad situation, but I read, via Cat's blog, that Candrea is done coaching internationally. Well that just sucks! I'm really gonna miss him. He is definitely a great coach.

Anonymous said...

: D



alicia said...

first i want to say happy birthday. i hope your being able to enjoy your birthday by spending time with your teammates your family and friends and also oprah.
second i want to thank you for being a wonderful role model and ambassador to the sport of softball. i think what you do for the sport and how highly you talk about it helps in every way possible. you are a role model to millions of little girls, teens and even young adults. i am included under the young adults.
i have been a fan of yours since 2000 when i watched you in the wcws. ever since then i have been a fan of yours and university of arizona.
i have had the pleasure of meeting you a couple times and talking softball with you and i could have stood there for hours listening to you talk about the sport both you and i love so much. listening to your experiences, places you get to go, the people you get to meet was so fascinating to me.
i am completely heartbroken, mad, upset, irritated, devistated and blow away that they would take the game out of the olympics. i have written the IOC and ISF and given my insite to way softball needs to stay in the games. but i feel like i could do more. i would love to go to europe and the other countries that dont understand the sport and help teach and explain the game of softball. i want to share my knowledge of the game and empower others with it. i will do anything to help.
last i want to say how proud i am of team usa by the way the game has been played over the years and how you played in beijing. even though you came away with the silver, in every little girls heart that met you during the bound for beijing tour they see their idols as gold and thats means more to them because you showed that you care. and we all know you do. i was one proud american knowing that everyone played hard. i was stunned i was shocked and i did cry but mostly i was proud.
i am and always will be a supporter of the game of softball and usa softball.

USAMel_26 said...

FIRST, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!I absolutely adore you!! Honestly, not many will post their thoughts, feelings, and experiences for all to see, however you grace us with your words and give us a lil insight on just how much you love and adore your family.
Its awesome, the love for your family absolutely SHINES through your words.
I used to pitch for my high school team. I had two older brothers who lived and breathed baseball, hence I was the tomboy lil sister who inherited the skill and love for the game. It was my senior year when I got wind of Jennie Finch at Arizona, and told myself, "She is amazing" I would have my mom record any games that were televised, and I would run the tape and practice my form and release and tell myself that if I could just get my pitches to break the way yours did, it would be the greatest accomplishment of my life!! My older brother would catch for me and he'd say, sis you're never gonna be as good as her. (reffering to you) My friends would laugh, and tell me I was crazy..Needless to say, I never could.. I didnt get to play in college, I tore my ACL in a league play-off game my senior year, and my dreams were ripped away just as my ACL ripped! Some days I imagine myself in the circle again, but I've learned that God has a plan, and PLAYING wasn't the one for me. I now coach my 7 year old daughter. We sometimes look at tape of my high school years, and she says "mommy, it doesn't matter that you didn't make your dreams come true, I will be your dream come true"!Even my 3 year old picks up a bat and ball every so often. I think she may have more skill than her mother!! :) My girls even watched the Olympics w me. Most of the games came on at 3am though, so I recorded them on DVR and we'd watch them and my 7year old would pretend she was a commentator.. LOVE IT..
Guess the whole point of this was just to say "THANK YOU" for inspiring so many young girls, and being the best at what you do! :)
Mel in San Diego!!!

Makayla said...
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Anonymous said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JENNIE! Sorry I was unable to tell you yesterday. This is the first chance I had to get on a computer. Hope you had an awesome 28th birthday! :)