Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 15 & am of the 16th

WHAT A GAME! WOW!!!! Our team showed so much gut yesterday on the field. It was a battle as we expected... extra innings and all!!! The final score was 4-1 incredible!!! Monica was again lights out of the mound and had a gutsy dominant performance keeping us in the game all along. Caitlin came through big time with a hit up the middle to score Tash in international tie breaker! Reliving it just brings so much happiness and giddiness to mind! It was amazing. Then my "PP" Pony tailed Powerhouse as they have been calling her this week in the media my roomie Bustos came up BIG once again! She hit a bomb. A bomb it was... up up up and out almost clearing the stadium to put us up 4-0. Awesome. It was awesome!!! We didn't even watch it land we just saw it take off and went nuts! Incredible. Yesterday was such a rush... we knew the medal rounds were going to be this way. This is what we have been training so hard for, for the battle! Japan played a great game also.

After our game the Aussies came out on top of Canada 5-3 for the win which advanced them into the bronze medal game against Japan. They played 12 innings last night. We watched all 3 an half hours of it glued to the TV in the apt. It was an exciting game! Both teams played so great. It was a battle Australia tied it up 2-2 heading them into extra innings. Japan came out on top winning it in the 12Th inning. Some great softball... Australia was awarded the Bronze and we will play Japan today for the Gold. We play tonight at 6:30.

After the game we had some team time enjoying one another knowing that the biggest game is ahead of us. There is a lot of emotion surrounding us all. We are trying to hold in all of our extra emotion... with this being what could be the last Olympic games for softball, the last time some of us where this uniform, the last time some of us play, the sisterhood, so many memories, Laura Berg in what could be her last game, our families that aren't hear, so very much. All of these thoughts are with us but being pushed back to the back of our minds for this last game. We are focused on the task at hand completing our job here in Beijing. Last night it was really hard to fall asleep, so many thoughts, so many hitters going through my head, so much like it should be.

YES... Congrats to Misty May and Kerri Walsh!!! They just won gold again!!! They are great people and friends congrats, so deserved! Way to go!!! Enjoy!!!

Today is the day!!! Hopefully our fingers are crossed we will get to play today!!! We woke up to rain and lots of it. We are hoping it subsides and we are on schedule as follows! We are keeping our minds right and planning for our game tonight! I'm going to end this now before more emotions come out.

Its game mode. Game on! This is it! It has been an amazing incredible journey... one more to go, one more!

Love to all!


Amy11983 said...

Best of luck to you in the gold medal match. Misty is a friend of mine and I was so happy her and Kerri got the gold again!! It was an awesome match.
Best of luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

great job guys!!! i kno that u will win it!!! i will be watching u play and win tonight!!! good luck and God bless!!

Will Daniels said...

Way to go, Ms. Finch. Even though we didn't win a gold, you and the USA Olympic Softball Team are still the best. I look forward to seeing you all run the bases again and let's keep pushing for Olympic Softball in 2016. The fact that we got a silver is probably a blessing because it shows that the sport truly is international

Coach Will

Kiana said...

Wow. What a tough way to go out. I sat in front of the TV watching you guys, and when Lowe grounded out on the final play, I was at a loss for words. You girls played your hearts out in each and every game, no matter the score. The whole situation is just even harder to swallow since softball won't even be back for 2012. I know you girls wanted to go out on top, and in my book, you did in every way possible. I saw the team in action twice during the 'Bound 4 Beijing' tour and it was a blast. It was still a great run and I'm just happy the team got a medal.

Congratulations on a job well done and I hope this isn't the last I'll be seeing you!

Sarah said...

Wow - I'm so sorry for the loss! I was SO bummed when I found out :-( I was really pulling for you guys.

I'm sure you're proud of the accomplishments you've had, I know all of your fans are!

Here's hoping they bring softball back to the games! It belongs there...

Anonymous said...

wooooooow.....i stayed up and watched you guys and i still can t believe it. At the end i felt soooooo bad for you guys but i still believe he USA is the dominant team in softball. Hold your heads up high because you still got a silver. Lets hope softball comes back in 2016.

BanditSoftball said...

we watched the game today, and i wanted to write you and congratulate you on your silver medal win. i know its easy for someone who is not where you are to say not to be upset, because i know you are. i was crying myself after it was over. however, u all have nothing to be upset about. all of the softball fans in the usa are SO very proud of you and wish u a safe trip back here.
i will see u next may when u are back with the bandits. until then enjoy life, your husband and the beautiful baby of yours.
i am so very honored to know you and concider you a friend.
god bless!
Sheri Samson

Anonymous said...

Jennie -

I am extremely proud of all you ladies on the softball team. I know that the silver was not you and the team's goal, however, please don't look past all that you have done. You all are amazing role models not just for young girls coming up in the sport, but for all players (even us out of shape beer-leaguers).

I am so happy that I had the privledge of watching you all compete in the Olympics and I am very proud of your accomplishment.

Take care and god bless.

Sizzle08 said...

I was so proud to watch you guys play throughout the Olympics and even though you may not have reached the goals you set, you reached above the podium in America's eyes.

Tiffany said...

Hi Jennie,

I just found your blog (been following the team) and I am so proud of you girls! Even though you didn't win gold, you represented the USA in the biggest sporting event in the world. So congratulations!!!!!!

Gobucks4 said...

Jennie Finch you are awesome. Your team is awesome. You all have brought me and my friends so much joy watching you play. I've had little sleep each night but it has been well worth it to follow you and the girls each day. Thank you for making the Olympics so much fun for me. I love the game and win or lose it was so fun watching you play. I plan on going to Chicago and seeing you play in the spring. Enjoy some time off with the fam. We are all so proud of you and your team. You represented USA with class. I'll be praying for your journey home :)
God bless and much love!
Jen Stone

whitney said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that i just watched the game online and even though you guys didn't win you should be proud of all you have accomplished. I know its hard to realize that you didn't get the gold medal but USA will always been known as the greatest softball team ever. You can not always have a perfect game and it just so happened that the one game yall lost happened to be the gold medal game. I hope the team keeps their heads up high and realize how far softball has come in the last 12 years. You girls are role models for millions of young girls out there hoping to one day go to the Olympics. I pray they put softball back in the 2016 games. I hope you continue to play, but even if this is the last time you are in the olympics just know that you have forever changed the game of softball and the USA is so proud of what the team has done. Hope you have a safe trip home.
Love, Whitney

kari said...
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15boxmom said...

Jennie I can't tell you how much joy and passion for the game of softball you and Team USA have brought to our family. Although today you are disappointed, you have so much to be PROUD of. Sometimes the best team doesn't win. And one thing I am sure of is that USA is the BEST!

What a journey...I think back over the past 7 months and how we were truly blessed to be a tiny part of something so incredible. Rachel will never forget being part of TEAM USA if only as a batgirl or cheering you on in Palm Springs and again with her team in Texas.(that was a LONG car ride :] ) She has a story about every player on the team and how each player has inspired her in some way.

Lisa Fernandez with her mound dance & the GrandSlam in Palm Springs, Bustos, well that list is long...we'll start with the sweet tea bribe and end with cold pills LOL ..she dreams of a Bustos hitting lesson, Bergy well..she's a LEGEND on the field and off... she punked the Pres. enough said, Stacey is such an ambassador for the game and the best catcher in the world gave me a catching lesson in Sulpher :}, (it actually did help LOL), Kelly "Klutchman" what an Olympics..and I'll never forget her mom's talk in Palm Springs (which made me feel a little less crazy for flying to CA for a pitching lesson LOL), Mendoza's big smile, hotel autographs in Texas, HR's and of course..her diving catches, Natasha.. Power & Speed, How does she run that FAST?, Andrea and all of her HRs in Palm Springs (I had to go home and buy the bat she hit with), Tairah...well she stole our hearts last Sept. at camp, she is awesome, Caitlin is simply amazing to watch she makes it all look so easy, Cat is our hope that someone from the south can make it -13K's... that was awesome and she does smile enough, Laurin taught herself to hit lefty, she can catch and play wherever that is unbelievable, Monica has such focus and has been on fire in Beijing!, Vicky has such a contageous smile and such a fun hitter to watch, and Lovie has the coolest name and a great glove. And Jennie Finch... of course our favorite, will continue to inspire FOREVER. Team USA is GREATNESS... When you left those cleats on that mound in Beijing, you left some little girls in the USA some big shoes to fill. We truly appreciatea all you do for softball.

Thanks for sharing not only your family, but your love for this great game! All of the sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears...they were worth it!

See you soon!
We are Dreaming & Believing!!
Scarlette & Rachel Box :]

kari said...

"It's not if you win or lose but how you play the game." and lets just say that you guys have 'played' the game better than anyone else over the years. Representing the United States both on and off the field so well. You've inspired so many young girls over the years and you should all be so proud of all you have accomplished. Even deeper than just inspiring girls to play softball along the way you have inspired so many to be better people, myself included. I think we're all hoping that softball will be brought back into the 2016 Olympics and if so It would truly amazing to see you back at it. If this is it then so be it you've brought world wide interest to the sport and THANK YOU for EVERYTHING. God Bless!