Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 14 Medal Rounds are here!!!

We woke up and headed out to the practice field to get some cuts in and get ready for tomorrow! It all begins, this is it, the next 2 days! We are prepared, ready, excited, confident, and so much more. This has been an amazing road and journey! All the cities all across the US on our Bound for Beijing tour, all the practice, all the sacrifice, dedication, support, so very much has gone into preparing for this moment. Most importantly so many people all of our support staff... the list goes on and on!

After practice we showered up relaxed, ran some errands. We picked up laundry, they lost a bag of mine. Not good. They said to come back tomorrow, hopefully they will find it. I'm sure they will they are so very on top of everything around here! We went up to the store they stocked it up with lots more Olympic gear! I bought Ace this adorable little red jacket that has the mascots on it. Its really cute! Can't wait to give it to him.

Kelly and I headed over to the salon for a little spa afternoon. It was amazing! We started out with a facial, it was so relaxing, it was great to feel so clean and fresh. We then were able to squeeze in a foot massage. They are incredible here... seriously the best massage I've ever had. They go over every single inch on your foot, heel, ankle, then up to your legs around your knees and up in your quads. It was awesome and only 20 dollars, which makes it even more awesome! We scored on both! The facial was a bit more I think around 50 dollars, very reasonable. We are trying to get better at the conversion but are still struggling a bit. I think its better not knowing exactly! Still we scored! We both wanted to go straight to bed, it was so relaxing! We then decided to continue our day of being spoiled and requested a wash and blow dry! These are free to villagers! Lots of fun! We were forced to wake up and walk back to our apt. We were in a daze the whole way! Great idea we had. I would relax then go in and out of preparing mentally for our game. It was a good little escape but the game is on the forefront of our minds. Its consuming us as it should.

My highlight of the day was the workers/volunteers at the field. They are so very sweet. We are now friends and are greeted by name! Its so fun seeing their faces light up as we arrive on our bus! They even help us shag balls and as they toss them to us they have the biggest grin from ear to ear. So happy to be a part. They will be part of our Olympic memory just as the Greek people were in Greece. Its all part of it and all of it makes it what it is... the Olympics!

We are know heading to bed. We have a early wake up tomorrow, the bus is pulling out at 6:45am from the village! Our coffee pot will be brewing! We will try to be relaxed but thriving on our butterflies! We will do our best to go out and play USA softball. Play our game!!!

Dreaming & Believing all the way!


jinst62 said...

good luck to you and all of the ladies. Bring home some gold Jennie!

Zach from Wisconsin

ss_softballgirl_12 said...

good luck in the medal rounds!!!! i know you guys will do great, muy bueno!!!! last night(here in indiana) the game was on until like 2:30am and i stayed up to watch it, even though i had school today. i love watching all the games. i know you guys will rock in the games and bring home the gold!!!!
your biggest fan,
chandler witzigreuter

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are going to do amazing for the finals round!! The thing that's upsetting is how they are taking softball out of the olympics! Now I havn't played softball in 8 years and I'm 18. Now that's a long time and I still havn't lost the passion for the game. I love watching team USA play and to take such a great game out it rediculous, and especially for you. Your such an inspiration to young girls who want to play or who are playing softball. I mean you've even got me wanting to get out and play some hard core ball, and to take that away is like eating a PB&J sandwhich with out the PB&J...right? It's a great sport and I love to watch you and the team kick some butt! They should keep it in, is all I'm saying! Keep up the good work, love hearing from you and many other olympic athletes keeping us updated on how it is in Beijing. Win the finals! Take gold!!

Maura from sunny Florida

Xhoops said...

Hi Jennie! You see so many faces im sure, but I was the ball girl at the AZ fall league with Casey's team when you came to one of the games in Peoria. Not sure if you'd remember myself or dad but best of luck the rest of the way!! If you ever have the time to respond that'd be great! Take care