Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 7

Game 1 down... 8 more to go!!!

Yesterday was great! We had a good practice and was able to meet up with my parents and bro and sis!!! It was so good to see them and just enjoy having them in my company. We indulged in Mc Donald's, I had my first shake here in China! Last night just rested up and got ready for today! We went to bed anxiously awaiting Game Day!!! I made Bustos put out her uni with me. We were all set ready to rock as she says!

Today we woke up with great excitement... game day! Finally!!! We played Venezuela and our offense exploded! 11-0. It was so awesome finally putting on our uniforms and competing. We have been waiting and preparing so long for this. Caitlin had an incredible day... even an inside the park homerun! Tasha and Bustos hit BOMBS! It was so fun to watch. Everyone was able to get our first game jitters out and just play ball. It was a fun win having so many contribute. It felt great getting the start and getting some innings in! Our offense took the pressure off leading us in the win. No time to celebrate... just 1 down. We are playing day to day looking no further than one game at a time. Now we are focused on Australia. I was able to see my parents, bro, and sis for a minute after the game! They were able to catch some Women's hoops last night and see them win! They are enjoying it all... its so fun to see so many supporters. There were lots of American flags and red, white, and blue in the stands. So many friends and family cheering us on. It gives me the chills just thinking about all of them who have given so much. We are so grateful for all our supporters and fellow Americans who came all this way to cheer us on! Thank you! Its so special to see American flags proudly draped, carried, and worn around the streets of China! Thank you!

Casey called after the game, bless his heart. Him and Ace stayed up to watch the game. Yes, Ace too... hes a late nighter. Its okay if its to watch mom or dad play! :) Casey said Ace was shouting Go mommy and U-S-A!!! So cute. I miss my Aces dearly!!! I'm so grateful for all their love and support. I'm so blessed. I love you both with my entire heart! Keep cheering!!! XOXO Thank you!!! Ace's aunts, my teammates were talking about him today. Asking me when he is going to start preschool and telling me how I have to get their approval before I make any decisions on his schooling. So cute! His Aunt's miss him along with his mommy! We love you.

Tonight we were able to sneak away to the salon in the village. We enjoyed some foot massages and I even added some highlights! Quite fun! The stylist hooked it up! It was a bit scary allowing him to work on my head with him speaking no English and myself no Chinese. It was an adventure and turned out to be a success! We were able to watch the Japan vs Australia game tonight, so we had to hurry back catch it. Japan came out on top 4-3, it was a close one. For dinner I had some fried rice, even some duck... it was quite tasty. Topped it off with a Iced Mocha, quite delish! :)

Well off to bed we go... getting ready.

Next up Australia tomorrow. One game at a time.
Thanks for all your love and support!!!


Anonymous said...

your first game was at 12 o'clock at night!!! i tryed to stay up then i heard that it will come on at 1 o'clock!! ill try again tonight!! good luck and God bless

yankees4life said...

great game i stayed up last night just to watch u pitch n i will watch all the other games good luck

Gobucks4life said...

I stayed up to watch you all play and it was worth it! Awesome job pitching. It was nice to watch my favorite athlete doing what she does best... No hitter style! Our offense was electric. We rocked the ball. Good times. Can't wait for tonight's game :)

Susannahjb said...

Great pitching last night. Ya'll were awesome! Can't wait to watch game 2 tonight! Keep playing great!


HappyMom said...

There is likely no way you remember this, but in 2004, right before the Athens Olympics, you and the team were flying from Orlando to Kansas City and we were on the same plane. You took a few minutes of your very-rare downtime to talk to my kids about softball and the Olympics. You have no idea the impact you made on my daughter. She lights up every time she sees women's softball on TV. She followed all the Athens games and is watching your game against Venezuela right now. She beams when you pitch and says, "Mama, I met her, and she TALKED to me." She says your God-light is as bright as the stars (her way of saying that the spirit of God shines through you for all to see). I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the smile on my little girl's face right now. Pass it on to the rest of the team too. She calls you all "her girls."

Kris said...

We enjoy watching you and the USA team. We wish you all well in the Olympics...bring home the Gold!

Amy11983 said...
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Amy11983 said...

Awesome pitching in the first game. I stayed up and watched the whole game. That is nice you got to spend some time with your family. Best of luck to you and the team.
Take Care,

amye27 said...

Wow i dont even think words can describe how awesome i think you are! I love watching you play softball! I am going to your camp at little rock in october and im so excited! I hope you are having an amazing time playing the sport you love <3 Good Luck! Make USA proud!