Sunday, November 15, 2009

Binghamton, NY

We had a Fantastic Fun weekend in Binghamton, NY! We had our 2nd to last camp of the year... it makes me a bit sad thinking about it. We had 400 awesome campers and their families. We packed the dome! It was such a wonderful environment, we had tons of fun! Its always great coming up to the Northeast, seeing the excitement for fastpitch. I am so grateful to all who came and participated! Thank you to Lou Bishop for having us up here. We look forward to coming back next year! Here are some shots from the the festivities!

This crew below is the unit! They make it happen! Family & friends... well they are all family! Well, minus the chef! ;) They are the ones who sacrifice so much, they have allowed me to make my dream of running my own camps a reality. Let me tell you, they are beyond selfless, so giving, so loving, so of so much. They are always there to do this, they are the foundation and the glue to the JF Softball Camps. We are so forever grateful and forever in debt to this crew! Thank You and We love you!
(I know its a lil' corny being in a Japanese Steak House but its the only shot I have of everyone!)

These are my girls! You know those girls who know you inside out! Those girls who you can always count on! Those girls who tell you what you need to hear not just what you want! They are way more than teammates they are best friends! These girls are above and beyond, I love them like sisters! My besties!!! They give me the warm fuzzies! XOXO

I love this shot! My dad and I talking shop at the pitching station! I'm so blessed to have him come work my camps! He is my backbone! I would not be where I am today without him. He is my confidence when mine is gone. He tells me what is right, not easy, but right. A man of integrity, a man of knowledge, he has impacted my life beyond words. He continues to amaze me everyday! I love you dad!

Bergie! What can I say, she is Bergie! One of the best people I have ever met! I love her, admire her, am in awe of her, am so grateful for her and her friendship! And she just so happens to be the most blinged out softball player of all time for Team USA, 4xOlympian!

Mac Attack-52 hitting bombs in the dome! That's what I call her! She is incredible! Inside and out! So caring, so funny, so lovable, so giving, so sharing, I LOVE her! She is one big heart (52) one big muscle!

Another shot of camp! Good times!

Thank you, Binghamton, NY!
Keep Dreaming & Believing! Til' next time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fighting the Funk!

Well after a couple of months of little physical activity, its time! My belly is where I gain my
weight first and well its a little more than it was or a little looser. Never a good thing. After a chocolate malt today, I knew it was time! Time to start it up and start getting after it!

Enough excuses... My mind has been telling me I don't play again til June, I needed a break. But I have to fight the funk! Fight the excuses. I know I am a happier and healthier woman when I work out. Its a sense of accomplishment, pride, empowerment, strength, and so much more.

Its always the first couple of days that hurt the worst and are the hardest to get going. My body however is in desperate need of physical activity. I find myself slowly slipping, slipping into this lazy funk mode. Especially as the holidays approach. I have baked way too many batches of cookies and brownies in the last 2 months. The holidays do this to me every time. Oh, how I love this time of year! Family, Friends, & Food! I made the decision, today is the day to start the journey. Its always the journey you remember, the victories are great but its all about the journey.

I ran about a mile in between some circuit work outs. 2 sets of 12 Step Ups, Walking Lunges, Quick Jumps, One Legged Squats, and some Straight Leg Deads. Not a bad start for day 1, I know its a little weak but I'll come around! You have to start somewhere, whether its half a mile or around the block! In between sets I would hit a bucket of balls right handed off the tee and then a bucket left handed. It felt good and I couldn't help but smile the whole time hitting balls!

Tomorrow I am going to be in pain but I feel better today, physically and mentally. Getting out and fighting the funk! I want to encourage those out there who are in need of a little kick or pat to get it going! We all know how great we feel after! Its just making time and doing it! Get after it! Fight the Funk!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Golden Girls

I was sitting in the Doctors Office yesterday and was joined by 4 Golden Girls! They were chatting about their families, cancer, life, and getting old. I was tickled overhearing their sweet conversation about getting old!

Here are a few quotes from the Golden Girls.

"I don't know why they call these years the golden years, there is nothing golden about it." Another replied, "It's only golden for the Doctors, that's about it!"

One said, "My mother told me getting old is Not for Sissy's, and boy was she ever right."

Another, "If I would've known getting old was going to feel like this, I would've tried harder to stay young, that's for sure."

One said, "I'm shooting for 90," she was 73. Another replied, "Oh honey, good luck with that, you have a long ways to go! I am shooting for 2 more years and I will be the oldest to ever live in my family!"

It was such a cute conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed! If I make to my golden years I hope to have a golden sense of humor to go with it like these adorable beautiful Golden Ladies.

I had a golden week last week, spending it in the mid west with my Golden Grandmothers! They sparkle and shine of pure Gold. I feel so blessed to know them, have them, and spend time with them. I treasure every minute!

Here is a photo with them from Floyd Valley Hospital's 7th Annual Pink Ribbon Night! We had a great time raising money and awareness for the Fight against Breast Cancer. Thank you to everyone that joined us and support this great cause. I can not express my gratitude to all my family and friends in the mid west!

My mom's mother, Grandma Ada to my left and my dad's mother, Grandma Lois to my right.
They define beauty & grace!

Believing in the "Gold" of the Golden years!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fear vs Faith

In a world of so much negativity, Fear surrounds us. It's everywhere. Looking into my child's eyes, fear can over take me in a second. I am in constant battle of fear whether it is as a mother, as a wife, a daughter, on the mound, before a speech, every day its a battle.

In the Bible it says "Fear Not" thousands and thousands of times! This is my hope and prayer, Fear NOT! I want my Faith to overcome Fear. Its NOT easy, you turn on the news, you look outside, our world is filled with things to fear.

Through out my career I have had to face many fears. Fear of losing, fear of striking out, fear of hitting batters when I was young, fear of bases loaded, fear of leaving home, fear of getting hit, fear of letting our Country down on the Olympic stage. Fear CAN and WILL over come you IF YOU LET IT. We have to FIGHT OUR FEARS! We have to fill ourselves with POSITIVE thoughts, with FAITH!

It comes to a time where we have to release our fears or we will never do what God has in store for us. Think of how many talents, dreams, goals, businesses, gifts, jobs, relationships and so much more go to the grave with people. Go after your dreams, go after what God is putting on your heart, its an opportunity, Go For IT! One little step, one domino pushed over leads to hundreds and possibly even thousands of dominoes falling over, falling down! Its taking that first step, getting the first domino to tip, lean, and fall which leads to so much more. More than we could possibly even imagine or dream of! Push it OVER, Make it FALL! Go FOR IT!!! One step, one foot in front of the other, step in Faith!

My challenge and prayer is that we break ourselves of this fearful mindset, get rid of our excuses, and live by FAITH! May we look at our fears and pressure as God-given opportunities. If God is for us, who can be against us!

Dreaming & Believing in Faith!