Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 12 & 13

Things have been going well... we are now finished up with pool play and on to the medal rounds! It all now begins! What is done is done and over. None of it counts! We played a great game against the Netherlands our offense was on fire! Monica was red hot on the mound too! It was weird playing a night game, fun under the lights! After the game we hurried back to get ready for our noon game against China today. We played great having a huge first inning scoring 9 runs. Kelly K with a 3 run bomb! Good stuff! That was it for pool play now the challenge is here. The crowd was great for China, a fun environment to play ball in. Cat started, pitched great and I finished up, it was good to get some more innings in! Casey said, Ace pointed to the TV and said, "Mommy no pitch, mommy no pitch!" Then looked at his grammy and said, "Mommy no pitch, mommy come home!" Ugh it made my heart melt! What troopers my family has been. There has been so many emotions over this year... I see the light! Hopefully when he saw me go in... it was my pass to be in China a few more days!

And the best is yet to come, the medal rounds have began!

I've been able to have such peace even though my heart is torn in half knowing Ace is being well taken care of and loved. I am blessed to have such support! It was so hard when we decided not to take him to China but its been a good decision! I can play at peace and give all my focus and attention to my teammates and this precious game I love! I too can not wait to see my little boys blond head, beautiful lips, adorable crystal blue eyes! I can not wait to squeeze him so tightly and just kiss his chin all over!!! I can not wait!!! I can not wait to hear his voice shouting mama and mommy and be able to care for his every need! Casey has been so great... I can't wait to be a wife. One that sees her husband more than not! :)

I know our job is not done although I can taste getting back to my family! The best is yet to come. We need to play the best softball we've ever played!

Tomorrow we have an off day! We've been going 7 days straight, it will be nice to somewhat relax and focus on the task at hand! We have a huge challenge before us and we are ready! We've prepared hard, we are one, ready for battle. We need to finish the job, one pitch, one out, one inning, one game at a time! I'm getting so fired up as I'm typing... its here. The moment we've been training our entire lives for! This is it!

Tonight, after the game we met up with our family it was good to see them, relax, and just visit! We went to the B of A Hometown Hopefuls Center and enjoyed the atmosphere and company of other athletes and their families! The facility is great, I'm so grateful for B of A to put this together for our families! Some of our teammates went to Women's Soccer, they are playing Japan! This win would put them in the gold medal game! Go Ladies, Go!

We are enjoying seeing all the medals continuing in, its amazing! So many dreams coming true! It truly is incredible. We are looking forward to getting back out on the field and letting it begin! It is here!

Love & gratitude to all!


yang11 said...

you did great on finishing the game w/china..i enjoy reading your blogs..because thy are so fun to read! thanks for telling us abot Ace and your husband Casey..its really nice and thoughtful to share what they say and really is! keep up the great work and we will keep cheering you on at night!

Anonymous said...

the team is doing great!!!! keep up the work! i have the best felling that u and the theam r going all the way!! good luck adn God bless!!!!☺♥♦