Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 10 (double digits!)

Yes!!!! What a fantastic day!!! Some great softball! It was beautiful outside to top it all off!!! Blue sky and lots of sun!! We had an awesome day adding to more W's!!! Go USA! We started the day off on the right foot, running into Tennis stud James Blake who had beaten Federer the day before. We congratulated him and off we went loading up the buses for our double header.

Japan was our first game, Tasha started us off with a huge blast and got our roll going! She was so pumped which pumped us all up! Oh I just grin thinking about it! Yes Tash!!! Jes and Bustos then hit back to back home runs! It was so great, so fun! We beat Japan... 7-0 one more down, one more to go. We started the Canada game from yesterday behind 0-1, and pulled it out 8-1! Another great day defensively and offensively! 2 down for the day! To get through pool play we have 3 more games, one a day. We have Chinese-Taipei to gear up for tomorrow. Taking it one day at a time. What a day! We relaxed, enjoyed and on to the next!

After the game we were able to chat a bit with our parents! :) They were exhausted as well, they are cheering strong you guys would be proud of them back home! It was a long day in the heat for them as well. We kept them on their feet! My family was excited to attend tonight's track and field contests! It was opening night for track and field. I will find out how it was tomorrow! They were excited to go and check out the birds nest and cheer for Team USA!

We rushed to the dining hall after a long day at the field. The food tasted really good. I had a salad, tilapia, salmon, and a slice of cheese pizza! Busto's highlight was chatting with Kobe Bryant! Shes a huge Laker fan! The bball guys were asking about her at opening ceremonies night, so they finally caught up!

After dinner we headed back to the room! Nuvey, Bustos, and I, hit up rock band! We had a jam session!!! It was awesome! SO much fun! We rocked it out! We are a great band! No name yet! Nuvey is our drummer, I'm on the guitar and Bustos is our Rock Star Singer!!! We Rock! It was my first time playing and we were addicted! We will keep you updated on our progress!

Time for some z's and some more softball tomorrow! Good night! Thanks for all you late night troopers!!! I know its not easy! Ace made it through the Japan game but couldn't make it for the Canada game, my little love! Casey's been so great watching it all, my big love!!! Thanks for all your continued support! We are so thankful and grateful!!! Go USA!!! Lots of more medals coming into the village for USA each day! Its so fun! A great atmosphere!!! Love to you all! Keep that coffee pot going... stay strong over there! Keep those cheers going! XO!

Go USA!!!
One at a time!!!


nella said...

yeszzz girls...keep it up...i just woke up, i did my pc on anxious..coudn't wait to read what fun you gals had..and reading all this, it feels like i'm there...gr8 in aruba it's still friday..yesz of course i'm staying up late again to watch my favorite team for the olympics's gonna be lil bit tough cause games finish like 4.30am and i got to be up at 8.30am to prepare to go train this lovely sport..but i'll make it..hehe..yesterday a really find out this blog, i got to congratszz you finch, it's amazing...i'm like lil bit addicted to it's awesome..for today i think i'll be watchin' some photos on is it for today..enjoy it to the fullest..a big fan of the USA..and as we say in papiamento (our language) hopi usa ta e miho..that means..lots of usa is the best...

Brianna said...

I am loving that you are blogging so much and keeping everyone in the loop. Your excitement is infectious and I know that you are having the time of your life. I am soooo incredibly proud of you and I love you to pieces!!!!

p.s. If you happen to run into James Blake again could you maybe put in a good word for me??? Pretty please. :)

Tiffany said...

well good luck to the USA team. I've been watching all the softball games.. to bad we couldnt watch the canada game.. i really wanted to see it.. good job on winning all your game.. good luck USA..

Anonymous said...


Jennie, you and Team USA are all doing awesome!

Pink Heavenly Ministries said...

Jenni~ my daughter Emily would like to leave you a quick message.
My family is rooting you all on and are so thankful for the way you share your faith. USA ROCKS!!

blessings and prayers,
Rachel (Emily's mom)

Hello Jenni I have been staying up late just to watch you on the Olympics. I think that you pitch very well. And in-fact I'm playing Fall Softball and may be pitching again, so I'm practicing. I was on your website and I saw the Finch Windmill and that seems petty cool if you ask me! I think it stinks that they're taking softball out of the Olympics! Even my dad is pretty bummed about it because it was mine/his dream to get to see me play in the softball Olympics.
Well, we are all rooting you on till the end! Go USA!

P.S do you have any tips for a 10 year old fastpitch softball player?

your friend,
Emily #13

Patty said...

Hey my name is Maisy.Ihave a project on the olympics.I'm going to do mine on you.If you can send back to my e-mail it is hope you can add me to your favorites.

your,friend Maisy


Rock and roll, Jennie. Cheers from Paris, France.

Matthew Rose