Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We are on the bus heading to Bowie, Maryland, our last stop of this tour leg. We just left Williamsport, Pa, where we played last night. We had a great crowd our second largest yet on tour. It was so much fun looking out and seeing the stands filled with so much pink! Lots of campers from our Williamsport camp we had last fall, turned out to support Team USA! Thanks for all your love and cheers! We look forward to going back for another camp this upcoming fall! We had a blast at the Lazorka House, Jeremy who is the manager for Arizona Softball and his so sweet family! We were able to get away in the country, ride 4 wheelers, eat some yummy home cooked food, see day old kittens, and just lay on the couch! Thank you Lazorka family for giving us a home away from home and your sweet genuine hospitality, we enjoyed the visit!

Life from the bus is pretty low key most the time. Lots of z's, movies, games, phone calls and etc. These last few days sadly I have been with out my Ace, due to the crazy long bus trips. Its so tough being away, I try to rest up and get caught up with things, however I think its almost worse without Ace as far as sleeping goes! Its been fun to have Bustos back as my roomie though. Ace has been down in Louisiana with the Daigles loving the ranch life! Riding horses, mooing at the cows, riding the 4 wheeler, enjoying family and even got his first gator! As tough as it is to be away, we are blessed with the support of our families helping us get through this year. There is no way we could pull this off with out them, Thank you!


We are looking forward to spending Mother's Day as a family... All three of us! We have a few a days off. Its nice to be able to escape for a few days enjoy our family and just be a wife and son cheering on Dad.

Thank you to Casey for giving me the most incredible gift of my life... Motherhood and our Ace! I absolutely whole heartedly LOVE being a mom! Its been the greatest gift! This love is an unexplainable love... I thank God for this gift!

We are so blessed and grateful to all the many moms in our life! You all have and continue to brighten and enrich our world in so many ways! I am so blessed to have my amazing grandmothers who have inspired and have been such incredible examples for me still in my life today. I'm forever grateful. And to my Mom, I can't thank you enough for the love you have given to me and all you have been in my life. Thank you for giving me all of you still to this day! I hope and pray to be able to give what you have given me and been to me to Ace. We have a special unconditional and unbreakable bond. I love you!

To Lisa and Stacey my teammate moms, I want to wish you a special Mother's Day!!! Coach Johns you too... Thanks for all you do and sacrifice to be with us! You are all greatly appreciated! Its been so fun exploring this incredible journey with you! You guys are amazing!

Mothers are angels, a gift from above! Let's lift them up and show them our appreciation not only on Mother's Day but each and everyday! To all the Moms out there, Thank You!!!