Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 11

Another win! A great day! We had a tough day yesterday... we were exhausted! So it was great to come out with a big win against Chinese Taipei! Our offense again exploded, keeping us going! We are on our way still taking it one day at a time. We get to sleep in tomorrow! We are quite thrilled about that one. We play at 7 which is 7am eastern time. After the game we came back and just hung out. Relaxed. Ate and then ate some more. We started out at Mc Donald's which was quite good! Bustos, Nuvey, and I headed over to where our press officers Julie, Holly, and teammate Alicia Hollowell are all staying. They had an interview and I snuck away for a massage. We then ate again! This time it was grilled shrimp and scallops. Yummy! We then just hung out it was nice to get a change of scenery and just hang! Oh and by the way my new nickname for my roomie Boo or Boo Boo as Ace calls her is my PP! Ponytail Powerhouse! That's it! PP! Awesome! Through this blog you all are finding out what a dork I am! I'm a fun dork though!!!

Our cab ride back was a bit adventurous... our cab driver wanted to kick us out many times. He didn't want to take us to the athlete village. He thought he couldn't get in. We finally drove by a police officer that reassured him he could take us there, thank goodness! We made it eventually. The streets were super crowded, mostly locals enjoying the birds nest and the atmosphere, it was fun to see.

We are now heading off to bed, knowing we don't have to be up early! Exciting stuff! Women's soccer just arrived in the village. They have a big game on Monday, its the semi's. We will be cheering them on. Phelps is on track, and en fuego. He is a phenom, so incredible. Amazing things are happening here. Trying to keep those medals coming for the USA!

My parents had a blast at the track and field venue! They were stoked to catch Tyson Gay running live. They said it was packed and crazy over 80,000 people were there to see it. My brother said he was able to get some really cool pictures of the birds nest! They were headed to a Chinese Acrobat show tonight! They are really enjoying their trip, keeping busy, and having fun. They are getting around the city great. Cabs are really cheap here which is a bonus. The USA softball family is expanding taking in more new fans each day at the ball park. So very cool and fun! Our family is growing daily. My parents are introducing me to fans everyday that they befriend up in the stands. In such a big big world (one of Aces favorite cartoons!) there is so many connections that make it seem small. Quite refreshing and fun.

Casey and Ace had a good night cheer us on!!! They are still going strong. We are all going to need a couple weeks to recover after this is all over. I know you all back home especially, thank you! Its been fun getting messages through reporters from Casey. Casey has done some interviews this week and its been great getting messages from him through people at the field. I'm so grateful! I have the BEST support from my family! Love you!

Off to bed we are... no alarm tomorrow! :) I hope you all are having a fantastic day over in the states and all over the world. We play the Netherlands tomorrow. Another big one for us! One at a time!

Nite! Sweet dreams to all!


SoftballBill said...

Hey Jenny you gals are doing great!I'm from Lafayetta, La and enjoyed the op to see Team USA in Sulphur. We are very proud of you and Team USA! Keep up the good work and BRING HOME THE GOLD!! ULL has some very talanted young pitchers that Team USA may have interest in down the road. The blog & photos are very nice. Makes the Olympics a little more special for us.

Me Myself and I said...

Jennie, looks like you guys are having a great run so far. Keep up the good work. Just know that you have tons of support back in the states. A lot of people are staying up late to support you all! Thanks for doing such a great job representing for Team USA!

Best of luck to you all. Bring home the gold!!

nella said...

heloo go's increadible to get to know you better thanks to this blog...and of course congratszz again..i was really down cause i made sure i stay up to watch the game...but unfortunetly it wasn't on...but i'm happy to know you girls won...and yes not only the states are supporting team usa...we down here in aruba tooo...anyways..keep enjoying...lotszz of luck...

da_graffiti_21_11 said...

I stayed up and watched the game against Taipei..and I gotta say you were a KILLER! It was awesome watching you pitch! Can't wait to see more from you and Cat and Monica! Well, all the people that are staying up late and watching you and your team worth every ladies are just so good..and it's just not any one of you ladies, its the entire team working together that makes you guys INCREDIBLY good! So all the people back at the states are still gonna watch you ladies DOMINATE no matter what!
PS. Your journal entries are GRRREAT! I wish you and your team the best of luck!

KayleeandNicola said...

Jennie, I am 10 and my sister is 8 we love softball! We are trying out today for a great team and are really looking forward to the competition. We love you! We hope that someday we will be as good as you and the other members of Team USA. Our mom and dad have been letting us stay up late to watch the games! GO TEAM USA!!!!

Anonymous said...

all of u guys r doing great!!! keep it up!! i will keep u and the team in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Design, Music, Movies, and Other Stuff said...

Hi Jenny and Greetings from Newport Beach California...Us folks in Orange County ,and I'm sure the USA and myself....Wishing You and Your team "Best of success" in final games....John