Monday, February 23, 2009

Bull Riding & Preschool

Last night the boys had a guys night out! PBR, Professional Bull Riders Event! They had a blast! They had front row seats right by the gate! Casey said Ace was in AWE! He loves watching bull riding on TV! I can't wait to take him to Rodeo's! He loves it! Casey said they even were splattered with Bull Poop, that's how close they were. He called at the start and said Ace had his own Dr. Pepper, Churro, Popcorn, Licorice, and a Burrito! I highly doubt the burrito was eaten! They had some fun! They came home all fired up, I think Ace went to bed on a bull. They were playing rodeo all night long! He even had a pretend rope! He has his whole ride down even one hand in the air. So much fun!

I had a signing in St Louis this past weekend, I took Ace along! It was a fun one day trip! Ace usually says he wants to go with me while crying as I leave... of course the time I decide to take him he says he wants daddy the whole time. He went to bed in St. Louis saying he wanted to go home. It ended up being a good trip after all. Great to meet the people in St. Louis, thank you for coming out! I look over on the plane ride home and Ace is out, snoozing, laying on his tray table. Too cute!

Tomorrow we are taking Ace to his first day of preschool!!! He is so big! Just crazy... we've visited the place I think 4 times in the last week! He asked to go last week after story time at the library. So I thought, well maybe he is ready. We will see tomorrow! Casey got him a back pack he was wearing it around tonight, ready to go. We have been hyping it up, puzzles, paint, toys, food, potties, playground, it all!!! So we will see. A new adventure, our little guy is growing up. We were at Mc Donald's today and he ran into this boy on accident and he looked up to him and said, "Sorry." Ugh, with the sweetest voice. Ace might be ready to go, but I don't know if I am ready. I guess tomorrow will tell, for both of us!

Dream & Believe!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our family Fishing Trip!

Casey took us out on the boat, his little piece of heaven! This guy of mine could fish all day, all night, everyday! He is so excited about Ace getting to the age of being able to go fishing with him. I still have to be the mediator letting Casey know he would rather just play with the fish than keep catching them. For Casey when he's fishing its like he's in a BassMaster competition every time. (I don't even know if they call them that or where I got that from but it sounded good.) There is no, just a day out on the boat... I think/hope this will be the day every time. Never. But we did manage to have quite a bit of fun! The fish above was his first one of the day. Ace actually reeled it in too! It was pretty funny Casey shouting at Ace to "set the hook!". I have to let Casey know he has no idea what "set the hook" means, honey! He is 2! Casey has to fight back his game mode mentality... it is quite funny to see. Ace kept telling us how he caught a "big o bass," too cute!

Dream & Believe!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Week!

Happy Valentine's Day! Casey surprised me with breakfast in bed! So very sweet! He, I think finally knows me completely! I am a simple girl and that was just perfect! Everything and more... we were able to cook dinner and enjoy Valentine's Day as a family! Thank you honey!
We and some friends took the kids to the zoo this week! Ace had so much fun, he was in awe! Running from one to another, I think he enjoyed the giraffe's most. He even fed them! Casey and Ace were even spit on by the llamas and a friend even bit by an Ostrich! Danger Zone! We had fun and it added to the excitement! Casey's shirt was even half swallowed in the petting zoo by a deer! Quite the eventful day, full of fun!

Casey was anxious to start spring training! He is excited about the opportunity to be a Ranger! He says for the first time he isn't nervous about the conditioning! His hard work this off season has really helped him feel completely ready! We are looking forward to an incredible year for him! I am so proud of him!

Dream & Believe!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Great Week!

We had a good week, a quiet week! Enjoying some down time and soaking up family time! I was able to do some cooking too! I made a little early St. Patrick's Day meal! Corn beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes! It was delicious! I even made a chowder out of the left overs! Quite tasty! We assisted Grandma Ada, Ace's great grandma, make her, "Oh so yummy, chocolate chip cookies!" Lots of Play Doh race tracks, monster trucks, and scooters! Its been great to enjoy the simple things with family!
Wednesday night I went up to LA's Viper's Room with some friends to watch one of my BF's from high school sing, Melanie Nyema! She has been singing back up for Solange Knowles. I felt like a proud mom, even teary eyed watching her perform, she worked it! I was beaming for her! I couldn't help but go back and picture her back at LMHS song dancing during half times! I am so proud of her and the woman she has become! We went out to another place after and met some of the band and stuffed our faces! Only us super jocks, eating platters of appetizers at 2 in the morning! Good times!

I was able to get out to my Alumni Middle School in La Mirada, Ca to visit with the students. Wow, it was the first time I have been back. Oh, did it bring back memories, most not so good. This was such a awkward stage for me. The principal reminded me of how I struggled with my make up and much more! This was in 8th grade, make up for me was brown lip liner, Ouch! I smiled and took it like a champ! Oh, the not so good ole days! It was great to reminisce about walking the halls with friends, the memories of the softball field, and my favorite snack machines! It was fun to see and share some of these memories with the students. Hopefully maybe inspire or encourage them in some small way. It was great to be back and see many of my teachers, still helping out our future leaders!

Casey is getting settled in for spring training, working hard! We will be heading out to Arizona soon. I am looking forward to cheering him on, this will be a fun season! Ace is at a great age for ball parks and being "Casey's" biggest little fan! Yes, Ace calls his daddy, Casey! We are looking forward to reconnecting with our friends in Arizona! It has been so much fun visiting family and friends. This has been an incredible off season, full of fun and relaxation! Its time for me to get back into the swing of things, literally! I am going to give myself 1 more week, then its go time! June is going to be here before we know it!

Ace is going to be so sad to leave grandma and grandpas, "Prada"! She has been his little buddy, not by choice!

Dream & Believe!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Cal Camp

Lots of fun this weekend. Our first camp in pretty much my back yard! It was pretty amazing! The fields it took place on, we all have spent many many weekends there! It was great to be back and to have it filled with eager excited softball players for camp. It took me back to those days of 6 am warmups and long weekends in the sun! It was a blast! I want to thank all of my teammates that came out to help along with all of my family who gave up the weekend to help us out! We are so appreciative and grateful! Of course thanks to all the campers and families for joining in on our 2 day fun filled experience!

On Sunday, we had a special treat! Natalie Buchoz came out to join us! Natalie is an amazing girl, who has had an incredibly tough year. She was in a horrible skiing accident a little over year ago, she broke her neck in 2 places and much more. You can follow her and her journey at Natalie Buchoz. She is on her way to making a full recovery! She is in courageous rehab at Operation Walk. Thanks to some incredibly generous people we were able to help raise a month of rehab for her! It was great to finally meet her, she spoke to the girls reminicing about her days on that same field a little more than a year ago. Thanks Natalie for coming out and keep your amazing spirit! We all know you can do it! Keep it up!

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend!

Laura Berg, the only USA softball 4 time Olympian, shouting! Teaching the girls her mad outfield skills!
Campers stretching out!
Showing off their autographed softball... I love this picture!
Won't miss a thing with this glove!
My dad, intensely talking pitching!
Andrea "Dre" Duran, teaching baserunning She got the most votes for most fun station!
Bustos signing an autograph!
Tasha, Berg, and I chalk talking it with the girls!


Having fun, getting warm!
Sharing medals, best part of having them!
Bustos talking shop!

As you can see we had some fun! Its tough to label it a camp, its an experience! Thank you to my sponsors and camp sponsors, without your dedication and help this could not be possible. Thank you for giving these girls such a Big League Experience!

Thanks to Mission Viejo High School, the city of Mission Viejo, my teammates, Biola University Softball, my family, all the volunteers, parents, and most of all the future of our sport, you campers!

Keep dreaming & believing!