Friday, January 11, 2008

Another loss, still high hopes!

Well another loss for the women... big bummer! I was so sad to have to see another teammate go, as you could tell by my 2 minute pause when Mr. Trump put me on the spot. It was terrible having to name someone. It was so tough... I was so torn and in a position I didn't want to be in. Nadia was so much fun to be around! She was of few words and when she spoke it was usually funny or very clever! I enjoyed getting to know her, especially being a big fan of hers! She was very thoughtful and very much a team player. We women really needing a victory being down 0-2. It was a lot of fun seeing Nelly in action, she is exceptional and full of knowledge. She is a great leader and very talented. Again, we did not use our "celebrity-ness" and came up short.

Training is going well! We are here at the Olympic Training Center surrounded by some of the greatest athletes in the world. I was chatting with some of the bmx women's team today, it was so interesting to hear about their world! They have built this massive ramp and course down here that is quite intimidating. They are working hard fighting for the Olympic spots! There are lots of track athletes that are residents, field hockey, and rowers. Its pretty inspiring us all having one common goal. Beijing!

Ace is doing great... he is loving having grass to play in. Our yard in Az consists of cacti and rocks. He loves driving his Winnie the Pooh car around, he thinks he owns this place. It was so funny talking to the bmx riders, them on their bikes and Ace on his car. He was trying to figure out how to upgrade, he was checking them out. Antonio (Lisa's boy) and Ace had fun with finger paints today that ended up to be full body paints. They are little buds! Its so cute! I better get going I'm missing out on kisses from Ace. I love it I could just eat him up, he loves to cuddle. The cutest most irresistible sight is him taking his binky out and leaning in to give me a kiss! Nite, gotta go it's my favorite time of the day, cuddle time.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Apprentice and Training

The Apprentice has begun!  Lots and lots of people are watching and letting me know!!!  No more not being able to chat...  what an amazing experience it was!  I had a blast and really enjoyed meeting the other "celebs".  I was really excited about the task of selling hotdogs, I was raised at the ball park so for me it was very familiar.  It was great because here we are so called "celebs" and I was reliving my snack bar days!  We knew it was about who you knew... $1 dogs weren't going to lead us to victory.  To put it nicely we lost by a bit... over 30k little bit.  We women got smoked!  Big bummer to have to go to the boardroom on the first task and lose a team member.  I was deeply saddened to have to say good bye to my friend Tiffany.  We really got along and I was looking forward to having more time to hang out, she is an incredibly sweet girl.  Stay tuned for more of the drama Task #2... more fun stuff!

We are down here in So Cal at training camp with Team USA... training hard, getting ready for Beijing!  I believe its 210 days away, its coming up on us quick.  We had testing this morning, a couple fun 300 yd shuttles!  Its always fun being together and training together as a team!  One thing I left the Apprentice with is an even greater appreciation for my teammates and us all getting along and sharing one common goal.  We strive to make each other better daily and love doing so!!!  I love my team!  Go USA!!!

Best Always,