Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a great day and you let your loved ones know they are loved! We as a family will celebrate when we are together again and us three are looking forward to it! Ace and I are digging into our gift basket daddy sent us. Ace is feeding me caramel corn as I type, thanks honey! We love you and miss you our hearts will be complete when we are together!!! Happy heart day and share it with your loved ones!

Ace is getting big fast! He now has over 5 little cars in which he adores! His favorite is his Winnie the Pool car, that plays music! He is adding more words to his vocabulary every day, truck, read, red, blue, and eat. He walks around the house shouting mom, mom, its so cute! He points out every truck with excitement, I think because he knows his daddy has a truck. We think he is saying at times Prada (my dogs name), grandma, and grandpa too. He is coming along. He makes the fire engine sound, meows like a cat, moos like a cow, and much more. He has so many signs too its incredible, we play charades everyday!

I had a moment yesterday... I was at a park in La Mirada, where I grew up, pitching to my dad with my mom looking on holding the radar gun. In the back ground was my Grandma holding Prada watching Ace ride his car around the sidewalk. It reminded me just how much I've been blessed with! Here I am going on over 20 years of being able to play catch with my dad! I just walked off the field with a big grin, so grateful and so thankful!

We head out to Arizona next for our opener against the U of A. We are looking forward to having another team to play and for me going home. I love practice but it helps when you mix a game in here and there! It is crazy to think we are less than 7 months away from the games. We are training hard looking forward to the Bound for Beijing tour across the country. I continue to be so honored and grateful to play for the USA and with my teammates! This is such a great game, I love it! I look forward to the many memories we will make this year as a team and all the many people we will meet as we prepare to win the Gold!

Its about the time to shut the lights out and get Ace settled!

Lots of Love!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My First Firing...

Alot has happened since my last blog...
As for The Apprentice- We lost 2 more tasks which means 2 more people out the door for Team Empresario. Big Bummer... Gene Simmons (known for having the worlds greatest black book) being the first to go and myself in week number 4. It was a tough one to swallow... but for the best. Back to my family and back to my teammates, my true teammates! I left appreciating the fact that I play a team sport and we have each others backs on our team! All working hard and striving to achieve one common goal, GOLD. I am so grateful for my experience on The Apprentice. I was able to meet some incredible people and learn from my Trump experience. Mr. Trump amazed me with his professionalism... in and out of the boardroom. Ivanka blew me away too. She was so well spoken, poised, intelligent, and carried herself so well. I am so thankful for the opportunity. I was a little bit happy and relieved to get back to my family and team. It was a very stressful environment... like it should've been. I am so blessed to have my faith and family to keep my sanity! :)
Oh and CONGRATS ladies so happy for Empresario and their Big Win this week. Keep it up!!!
It was a very entertaining episode. Vinny, I just love him. He is tough, but a teddy bear too! Sad to see him go.

We are training right now together as a team, getting ready. We get to put our uniform on and actually compete in a couple weeks. We can't wait! We open up against University of Arizona, my home! Its going to be such a magical year for us! We are so excited to get out on tour and play for the fans all over the country. There is no greater feeling than hearing U-S-A as you enter a stadium! Its so fun seeing all the future softballers all across the US. I am grateful for the honor, to a part of something so incredible.

Casey and Ace are great! My 2 stars! Casey is on his way out to Spring Training, he's been working hard getting ready for the season. We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary, so fun! Ace is just wonderful. Saying more and more and just becoming more and more grown up. He's a little boy already. He continues to brighten our days with his goofy-ness and smile. He is soaking up the world and making it his world.

We are under 200 days until the Olympic games, it will be here before we know it. Making the days count.