Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2 in Japan

We woke up wake too early! 4 am! So lots of computer time this morning! Was able to skype my nephews which was the highlight. So much fun! We had a long morning waiting for the game.

We beat Australia 11-3. We over all played well, offensively we came out and set the tone for the game. It was good to get that first game under our belt. Half of our team is wearing USA for the first time here in Japan, exciting stuff. Our team split up after World Cup. Half is here and half is in Venezuela for the Pan Am Qualifier. We are missing our girls... But enjoying the new additions for this team.

We are beyond tired! I think I've slept less than 10 hours since we left LA on Tuesday. I'm hoping tonight is the night for some good sleep.

Tomorrow we have a big day, a double header. Chinese Taipei and Japan. We look forward to competing again tomorrow.


Pan Am Team- We are wishing you all the best! Love and Prayers! Represent! Good luck against the Virgin Islands today!

Dreaming of a good nights sleep!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1 in Japan

Today we woke up rested and ready to go eat! We went and ate breakfast here in the hotel. I chowed down on eggs and toast. The bread here is quite delish fluffy and super soft. Can't wait til tomorrow morning! :) We enjoyed the extra strong coffee that is served here and headed straight for our computers. I was able to skype Ace for over 30 minutes this morning. It was so fun being right there with him in the family room. He was asking about all the girls and playing peek a boo with Tash! Even gave a few high fives via computer screen.

We had a spaghetti lunch and headed out to the field for practice. The weather was beautiful! We are playing on turf so it was good to get out there and get some reps. The stadium is really nice and quite big. After practice we headed back to the hotel and showered up. Tash and I went out to find some dinner. We ate at this little cafe/diner. Quite fun, Tash said her and Monica Abbott eat at this place quite frequent (They both play here in the Japan league). So I looked to her for assistance. I had a tomato and mozzarella salad, soup, and bread! Quite good and hit the spot. From there we stopped for a latte at Starbucks, couldn't pass it up. And to top off the night we stopped for some green tea ice cream. It is so good! I make sure to get it every time I am over here. And that was our night! Not a bad day in Sendai!

Tomorrow we open up the tournament with Australia at 3:30.

Here is our meal when we boarded the bus after our flight. A typical box lunch for over here. Chicken, pasta, salad, hot dog and egg. 4 half sandwiches, minus the egg salad sandwich, that one I ate. One cucumber, a chicken, and potato sandwich.

Here is Lauren Lappin at the field! We just arrived for practice. She is ready to go with a big grin!

Here is the team getting ready for practice.

This is us post practice. Heading back to the hotel! Burkhart with the peace sign!

Here is a picture of the teeny tiny puppy store we passed on our way to eat tonight. A whole bunch of teeny tiny dogs. They all were little bitty! So very cute. We couldn't stay too long the smell was horrid, but those puppies were adorable!


Dreaming & Believing!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventure to Japan, We Made it!

I gave Ace a big hug and tons of kisses before leaving. Even gave him a few monkey faces through the window. I was fighting the tears hoping to get some laughter. Mission accomplished. In a weird way it was as though Ace was even unsure but fighting the uncertainty giving me a half smile. I could tell in his voice and by the look on his face he was uneasy about me leaving! He was a brave big boy for mommy knowing I couldn't take a sad good bye. So I left with seeing the cutest grin in the whole wide world on his face through the window.

I left LAX with a big Baja Fresh Chicken Burrito (gotta get my Mexican food in before headed to Japan) and a $30 dollar bag of snacks in tow! This girl was prepared and loaded with grub!
And boy did we grub! Jenae even ordered us the Asian dish instead of the cheese ravioli which we stared and drooled over while others dove into the dreamy pasta (well sort of). A little laughing too at her mistake while we slurped up our noodles. They weren't too bad! Jenae Leles and I had our own row so we were able to stretch it out! Amen, thank you Jesus! We watched Ghosts from the Girlfriends Past, it was really cute along with Matthew Mcconaughey! Tasha, Lappin, and I were able to catch up in the emergency exit row for a good hour, along with some stretching! The flight was around 11 hours and 11 hours of grubbin' did we do! :) Jenae and I brainstormed about new product for the fall and winter for the online store and for camps! Lots of super fun cute ideas! Stay tuned!

We landed in Japan and laughed our delirious way through customs.
Finding our high water warm up pants so stinking funny as we walked on! After we got our luggage I snuck over to rent a phone! Gotta check on my Ace's! We were then notified of our 7 hour bus ride to Sendai...yea 7 more hours of traveling! So here we are lunch boxes in hand on the bus! The egg salad sandwiches are always the hit here! The salad was good too with a soy ginger dressing. The fruit here is always outstanding! The banana hit the spot! Can't wait for the Fuji apples, so crisp and sweet! I still have not had any shut eye since leaving the states and are in desperate need.

We just got back on the bus after our first pit stop on the journey. Ace scored a plastic fruit vegetable set with a cutting board! He will be able to cut them into 2 pieces! Too cute. And I couldn't resist the transformer beetles! Some big bugs, he will enjoy!

Made it to hotel and eagerly hoping for some rest!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All Star Break, World Cup, and Round Rock!

First off, sorry! Its been a while!

We've had a great couple of weeks, lots of fun stuff! We landed in OKC for the World Cup so excited to see Casey! He joined us for his All Star break! It was such a fun couple of days together, Ace was in heaven having his daddy there!

Here are a few shots from a team appearance/picnic we had in OKC. As you can see Casey is thrilled to be there in the first one, this is upon arrival! And he still looks handsome! :)

This next is both my Aces cuddled! Thanks to my lil' Ace he got Casey to smile! So very cute! I am one blessed mama!
Here are a few shots of Ace climbing all over the USA team bus! He couldn't wait to hop on after every game! He loves team buses! He's a road dog! Monica Abbott sat behind and often entertained him! Dre (Andrea Duran) ended up putting him up in the overhead compartment, which he almost fell out of getting down! :) The Bandits Bus has sleepers in the back and I think Ace thought thats what these overhead compartments were too, his sleeper!

Grinning so excited to be with the girls on the bus, post game!

Ace and I after the pink game! Even Ace represented! This game was close to my heart as is the many women I knew, know, and do not know battling the horrible disease of cancer. Many of my loved ones were extra close to my heart this game. USA Softball will be auctioning off our jerseys and game used equip from the game for Susan G. Komen.

Ace and I after the final game at World Cup! What an amazing week we had! I CANNOT thank the fans enough! They created the atmosphere you dream about as a player! We had such a blast playing in front of you all, whether it was in person or in your living rooms! Thank you for all your support! What a magical week!

I've been getting many comments on me playing first base and hitting. Thank you... Many never knew I played another position. Its letting me know how old I am and how long I've been out of college! :) At Arizona I was blessed to be in the line up and play first when I wasn't pitching. I still with USA always practiced at first and took BP in the past but this summer I've had the opportunity to play the field! I CANNOT tell you how MUCH FUN its been! Thanks to the Bandits I was able to get some AB's in this season and in the past. To be honest I forgot how much fun it was... I feel like I am 8 years old again. Loving every second. Yes, I love pitching but its only 1 out of every 4 or 5 games... It almost brings tears to my eyes to have this opportunity. To be able to contribute to our team in this way, I can't even put words to describe the thrill its been!

After the World Cup, thanks to the Daigle's we were able to hop in the truck right after the game and head down to Round Rock asap to get to Casey! Our families are our rocks along this journey! We are so blessed and grateful. I think we pulled in the drive way at 6 am! This gave us a couple days to visit with him and we enjoyed every second! Here is a shot of our time with Casey and the Express. Casey is now closing for them out of the pen and loving it! We have so much fun cheering him on, its relaxing watching going to ball park cheering him on and the Express!

Ace and I hit the road on Friday heading up to Diamond Nation in Flemington, New Jersey. We had our first softball tournament on the complex. It was so much fun to see the action and meeting the players! The Academy is coming along! Lots of exciting stuff going on over on the east coast!

From there we headed south to Orlando (Disney) for the USSSA Nationals. There were over 150 teams there. What an event, I had fun! It was great to catch up with Stacey Nuveman, Lisa Fernandez, my USA mommies! We signed for about 4 hours, through the rain and all. It was great to be around them and visit, good times! I sure miss them! The NPF Pride and Force had a great crowd to play in front of too! And next time we go to Orlando, we ARE going to Disney World! :)

I am supposed to be packing up for Japan as I type! I better get to it and the eliptical, before I have to head out to the airport. This is our last USA event for the summer. I am looking forward to the trip, not saying bye to Ace but anxious to get back on the field again. Leaving is NEVER easy and does NOT ever get any easier. By this time of the year/summer every good bye is a teary one... I know off season is coming. Its always the anticipation of leaving that is the worst. Once I am on the trip atleast I know its began and there is an end. Luckily I have the Worlds Greatest Teammates! Looking forward to a great week overseas!

I will try to post from Japan! Better get to that eliptical before this long flight!

Dreaming it, Believing It, & Living it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Canada Cup!

We had a great week in Canada! The Canada Cup is a special tournament, lots of great memories here in Surrey. It was the 16th year of the tournament. Great crowds, great atmosphere, and always a great tournament! We ended up winning the tournament with a big win over Canada. It was our first competition as a National Team for 09'. It was so exciting taking the field in red, white, and blue, for another summer! This is a fun group and a great talented team! Its so fun experiencing "first's" as a USA team member with some of the girls. Along with getting back on the field with the returners. I've enjoyed the opportunity to play the field too. I can not express my excitement about playing first base and having the chance to help out offensively. I love it! Here are some pictures from the final day in at the Canada Cup!

Now we are headed to Oklahoma City for the World Cup! It will be another exciting great week of competition! Check it out on ESPN or come out and support USA in OKC!

Dreaming & Believing!