Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 4

Today we slept in a bit recovering from our big night at opening ceremonies. Woke up headed out to practice! We had an exciting visitor from President Bush out at practice! Lots of black suburbans surrounded our field then he joined us on the field. Sharing his excitement and support of our sport! He is behind us and will be in support as we battle to get it back on 2016. He shook everyones hands and was just happy to be on the field. As he went to shake Laura Bergs hand she leaned in and gave him a great big hug... little did he know he just got Berged! Yep the President just got BERGED!!! The definition of Berged, is a hand print of chalk. Yes, this is Lauras famous prank often showing up on butts and backs at practice. Now she got the Pres! You know you are in when you get Berged... so I guess the President is now in with the softball team! We all busted up and a good sport he was, he even posed with Berg for a photo opt proving her mark. It was awesome! He stuck around and watched a little BP, letting us know we were showing off for the President as balls flew out of the park. Cheering us on in between rounds excited for his day at the ball park! We enjoyed the visit and back to work it was.

It coming... 2 more days and its go time. We are ready for it to begin. The women's US fencing team swept in an exciting night... yes US won bronze, silver, and gold! Setting the tone for the games! It adds to the hunger seeing athletes coming in with medals... our work is cut out for us! Its going to be an amazing games.

Village life is great. While we are staying focused keeping our eyes on the prize, its fun sharing Olympic moments with other Olympians. All walk of lifes from all over the world. We mostly share our time in the athlete lounge checking email, calling, watching other events. Lots of time in our apt just chilling watching Bustos draw or playing rock band and guitar hero. Yes, Kelly brought them here... pretty funny! We have lots of time only playing or practicing once a day. We are focused getting locked in! 2 more days and its show time.

We had our team press conference tonight another reassurance its about to begin. Lots of questions on 2012 and saving our sport. Its good publicity letting people aware of the situation our sport is in and spreading our game. I did an interview with Billy Bush, quite fun while sipping an iced mocha yep there was Starbuck's in the NBC studios. He even had me throw him an orange in the hallway! Hilarious. We made orange juice! Followed up with an interview for NBC with Julie Foudy (I'm a big fan)! Shes incredible! Sharing more mom moments with her! Lots of moms around here! I read there are 20 US Athletes-Moms! Pretty amazing. As you can tell my hearts missing my Ace!!! My teammates have been great super supportive! We often share Ace moments bringing a huge smile to my face!!! Though my heart is torn across the world I am here with my team focused on the large task at hand! Ace knows I love and adore him he just started telling me a couple of days before we left he loves me to the moon and back! My heart just melts! Can't wait to hug, kiss, and just squeeze my little guy when I get back!

Well off to bed... preparing and getting locked in. Locked in!

Good Night from China!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck from the Beaverton, Oregon Little League Softball 11/12 year old Honor/All-Star Team where my husband and I coached our daughter. Our daughter Kyra loves watching you play and as a former pitcher myself, you're an incredible athlete! We will be watching all the games and hope to see you bring home the gold! Again!

Anonymous said...

the opening was great!! they even did a close up on u and said that ur the usa pitcher!!so 2 more days!WOW! i thought it will never come. good luck adn God bless

Amy11983 said...

Best of luck to you in the coming days. Very cool you got to take part in the opening ceremonies. Again, Best of Luck and just enjoy yourself out there.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you and the whole USA team! Yall are my heros! I look up to you and Monica, and Cat because I am a aspiring pitcher! I am left-handed just like Monica! But anyways! Good Luck and bring us home a GOLD! I will be watching you all the way over here in Tennessee!!!
<3 always,
Alyson Gaines #8

SouthDak Chick said...

Good Luck from South Dakota =)

We dont have softball in my town but i would love to play thanks to you. Your amazing

Hope you bring us home a gold again !

<3 Jessie

luv2lol said...

I am setting on pins and needles just waiting for game day. I was at the China game in OKC & had the honor of meeting you when you walked into The Hall of Fame Shop afterwards. What a gracious lady you were to take the time to autograph my program and take a couple picture w/me. Do you remember? I gave you a pen but we dropped it I was shaking so bad.
I know you ladies are in focus and ready to bring the Gold home again. You are all extremely talented and unified. It was such a thrill to finally get to see all of my favorite players together on one team. The game was awsum, went too fast, (5th innind run rule) but I think I could watch you play 24/7. I can only imagine how proud you must be to be in the Olympic games!! It was aways a dream of mine to be there too, if I only would have had the talent too = ).
God Bless TEAM USA. I would say Good Luck, but "Luck Is Not A Factor", play the game like you know you can and the Gold will come!!!

Randi M. Hull, author said...

I'm Randi M. Hull, the author of To the Moon and Back. This book was inspired by my mother and own children...feel free to have a

Good luck to you!