Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer & Softball

How about this years Women's College World Series? Amazing! Talk about some incredible games! Every night I have been covered in chills tuning in. Looking forward to tonight, Can Florida come back? Washington seems unstoppable at this point. However, you never know and this series has proved that.

Summer has been going good! We have been enjoying having family in Round Rock and loving every minute spent with them there. Its the first time we have been close to family for the baseball season. An answered prayer for sure! Casey is loving being in the South and has warmed right up! Even found the fishing spots, not hard to do for him.

I am so excited to be back with the Bandits this summer! There are so many amazing women here in the National Pro Fastpitch League who have given so much for this league and our game. I am in awe! These women have put their "real lives" either on hold or have made it work in order to be able to pack up and leave to play for the summer. This is such an amazing opportunity, so many unselfish women, owners, Coaches, and the list just goes on and on! The NPF is full of talent, the best of the best. I look forward to the challenge of every series. I look forward to opening up tomorrow night against Philly! This is my 5th summer on the roster and to see how much has been invested into to making this what it is, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and hope!

I have loved every second getting back on the field with teammates! It is such a special feeling and the best environment!

Ace is doing great! Enjoying being a Bandit too! He had his first Dentist visit last week. He was so good, my little guy! He just laid there and was a champ. Not too hard with SpongeBob playing on the ceiling! :) His 3 yr old Dr. visit on the other hand, he wasn't too excited for. He thought there would be a few shots, but luckily not this visit!

Ace on the field in Rockford, swinging for the fences!

He is just crazy, still sporting his jersey everyday! Head to toe! Too funny! The other day we were headed to Rockford for a scrimmage game against the Thunder and I was telling Ace he was going to see Cat (Osterman). I was asking if he remembered her? He replied, is that a jaguar or is she a girl? Too too funny! Cat got a good laugh about it too! ;)

Well better get going, off to practice!

Dreaming & Believing!



Dustin and Carrie..... said...

Goodluck this summer Jennie!! Cute Pictures of Ace:) Hugs!! Miss ya!

kkp1220 said...

I don't know how you do it;-) Good luck this summer

Kiana said...

In regards to the Women's College World Series...I don't even play softball but I was pulling so hard for Lawrie! She is definitely the true heart and soul of that team, and to be honest, I don't think they would've made it very far without her. What an amazing game and what an amazing World Series!

I hope you and the Bandits have a great season this year. I'm still hoping I can come see Team USA in OKC for the World Cup! That comment by Ace about Cat = too cute!

God Bless you, Casey and the rest of the family!! You're truly an inspiration. :-)

Pamela said...

I am rooting you and the Bandits on! Have a great season and thanks for your updates - you are a true inspiration to me.

Smiley Peace Dolphins said...

ya the world series were amazing i was going for the washington cause daniel lawrie is an amazing pitcher jsut like you. and honestly there team could'nt of went all that way with out daniel lawrie. I think florida is a good team but washington is an amazing team.