Friday, May 15, 2009

Oklahoma Camp & Mother's Day!

We've been busy but we are enjoying... I was honored to attend a fundraiser for Health Corps, Dr. Oz's Charity in NY. It was very extravagant, amazing! There were Elegant Acrobats, Rope Climbers, Russell Simmons, the Iron Chef, Quincy Jones, and so many/much more, an incredible event. Its not the event its the cause! Health Corps is helping fight childhood obesity, assisting schools reevaluate their nutrition and physical education classes. I am on the Athlete Advisory Board of N Play which is also a charity whom partnered with Health Corps. An honor!

After went over to NJ and met with Diamond Nation... so exciting! The fields are coming along! Its going to be awesome!

Oh, we had a great week following! I flew out to speak at the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Dinner in Peoria, Ill. What a great group, again an honor! So fun to be around these woman enjoying such a great time in their lives! Congrats to Bradley University for winning it all!
From there I met up with the JF Camp Crew, my dear family! Oh where would we be... they are our rock! We had an amazing camp in Oklahoma! Thanks to the Healton Lady Bulldogs Softball Team for being incredible hosts! They were so so so sweet! Ace was spoiled rotten! First, he was generously given the Chaps you see above! He instantly had a strut! He's a true Cowboy... not quite. Then he was given spurs, also pictured above. You should of seen him walking around. Oh, it was too cute, hilarious! Then real "game used" numbers for the back of his vest from Spud, a true Cowboy! So much fun! Thanks to you all, we look forward to coming back next year!

The camp was so much fun! We had a great group, they were so excited to be there! The Coaches that came in to help, Big Thanks! I had fun hanging, like the good ole' days! It was such a great weekend filled with campers from 9 different states, the farthest camper all the way from Michigan! So many families so eager to learn and be around the game. Thanks for all the great memories, even if we were soaking wet on Sunday! We pulled it off and had a blast! Thank you Jesus for holding that rain til later on Sunday... the odds were against us! Once again, the Lord prevailed as always, Thank you Jesus!

After camp we loaded up and headed to Round Rock to get back to Daddy ASAP! We were blessed to spend Mothers Day with both our incredible Mother's and so many more special moms! Casey was so sweet and got me a big girl camera for Mother's Day... I'm so excited! Oh, and a pair hot mama pair cowboy boots! I gotta be able to hang with my cowboy "Ace"!
This pic above was at Casey's game... too cute. Ace having his own camera crew following him around the ball park! E, is doing a story on Baseball Couples. I couldn't pass this picture up! It will air in July, we will keep you posted.

This is Ace's Mommy look... I love it! My fav! Just Rotten!

...One day! :)

Ace's favorite part about the ball park, the clubhouse! He can't wait to get in there! So this is Ace being handed off to Daddy, his ticket in the clubhouse!

Today at the park pitching with my dad, Ace was pretending the dugout was the clubhouse. Yep, a bit of a difference between Daddy's fields and Mommy's fields! :) But we can pretend... until we get there!

We enjoyed our few days together as a family! I am so very grateful for those times when we can just relax and hang. Even if we are unpacking and packing at least we are together, and that's what matters.

We just announced our JF Softball Camp dates for this fall! So exciting!!! We are gearing up for a fun filled summer full of ball! I am enjoying College Softball, Go Cats!!! Its that time... summer is here!

Thank you all for most importantly your generous thoughtful prayers. We feel them, I have felt them these past couple of weeks! Thank you, as we continue to look to Him for courage, strength, and guidance in all we do!

Dreaming & Believing, Looking UP!



Bianca said...

Yay! I'm happy for you. You're continually in my prayers :)

Danielle said...

I know this has nothing to do with this particular blog post, but I just wanted to say congratulations on everything you've accomplished! You are an inspiration to all of us softball players- such an amazing role model!

I went to Beijing for the Olympics, specifically to watch softball! It was a dream of mine to play for Team USA... but at least I can say I saw greatness on the field. I took some photos of you all, and if you read your comments, I would be more than happy to share them with you! You can also read my blog about China (if you hadn't already lived through enough there... ha) if you were so inclined (

I'll be cheering Casey on June 17th when he comes to Nashville to play! Can't wait!

Rake said...

We want to see Casey in the majors soon!

Also, hit the softball league up for a team in Atlanta. There has to be a groupd of investors that could get a team here.

Anonymous said...

All i can say to this blog have your hands full with that little cowboy of yours but what a blessing! Funny how one look can have us twisted around their little fingers isn't it? :)

Heather said...

Hi Jennie!
You are my idol because you sound like one of the nicest people ever! Not only because you are an amazing pitcher too. I'm sure little Ace and Casey couldn't live without you. I had a quick question, how fast did you pitch when you were some where between 11-13 yrs. old? If you could answer that question for me, that would be great! Thanks Jennie,
Heather K.

Lawrence's said...

i am such a big fan i have most of your shirts i have the pink and black softball backpack the pink and black clets and more i always look for you and you husban at the express game we o to most of the games!!

Emily said...

Jennie, you are an inspiration to so many softball players including me. Also, you are an inspiration for Christians. There are so few celebrities in the public eye that would tell everyone that they are a Christian and not be ashamed of it. I've been a huge fan of yours since 2 grade (the year I started playing softball). I'm now 12 years old, and on my Middle School softball team. I was wondering, how fast could you pitch in Middle School?

Much love and prayers! :)
Emily Vestal