Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perfect, Only from HIM!

It was perfection for us (The Bandits) defensively tonight! What a night! A lot of fun! So much fun, not going to be shy about it! Its been a long couple of months getting back. Rachel Folden and I were on the same the page, groovin, she called a great game! It was so much fun to be out there competing with my teammates, Go Bandits!

I have to give all the glory to Him, the only true perfection I know. You, Jesus! Thank you! By your grace and only by your grace! The Valleys and the Mountain Tops you are always there at work, moving and shaking! Thank you Lord for your perfect timing in all things. We will keep looking to You through it all and in all!

USA Tryouts was a lot of fun! It was a young group for the most part but ballers they are! It was fun to be a part of the excitement, youthfulness, and eagerness. For a lot of the players invited it was their first USA experience. It was great to be able to witness them going after their dreams, dreams of wearing the red, white, & blue. This is what it was all about. They were taking it all in, treasuring, and storing it! Lots of fun in San Diego. I am so grateful to be able to be apart of it and again have the honor of wearing USA this summer. I will be playing in the Canada Cup, Oklahoma World Cup, and the Japan Cup. I look forward to competing with this talented group.

It was a little different this time. A new quad, many new players, and a new Coach. Sadly Coach Candrea retired from USA along with many legends of this game. They will all be missed so dearly! It won't be the same, but we look forward to the future of USA Softball. Look forward to Coach Miller and the future players of our game. It was a special week! A little reunion for us returners too. Congrats to all the invites, thanks for a fun week of great softball.

After tryouts we were able to catch up with Casey for a couple days. Very short days it felt like. It was so much fun hanging with family and being with Casey! Casey is doing so well! We are so proud of him and all he is doing for the Express. He sacrifices a lot, and is so encouraging of my lil' softball gig! ;) I am so grateful and so honored to call him my husband! He is having such a great year! Keep it up honey!

Ace is now locking me out of the bathroom stall... yet another milestone! Oh, he is getting so big! Too big! We are loving every minute spent with him. He is such a fun lil' man and so full of it. He is into singing, bull riding, fighting the thing called sleep, baseball (like his daddy, he is not shy to tell anyone and everyone his daddy plays baseball), eating (I think we are in a growth spurt), animals, attempting to swim (he doesn't get very far), being outside, wearing his catchers mask, and just a sweetie and a lover, he loves to cuddle! He is so much fun and what a blessing!

Every good and perfect gift comes from Him!

Dreaming & Believing!


Pamela said...

Can't wait to cheer you on in the Canada Cup, Oklahoma World Cup, and the Japan Cup!

Tim said...

Jennie -

Thanks for stopping by the other day and talking to Meghan! Your words of encouragement were truly inspiring.

We hope to see you again soon!

Debbie, Tim and Meghan
On Deck Circle

Bianca said...

I'm so proud of you! Keep it up Fizznich :)

Come home soon :)

TLM17 said...

I don't expect it to be any other way. Ill see you in OKC. =) God's timing is so awesome. Praise Him.


Brianna said...

God is GOOD!!! So happy for you...you're going to Japan. They better be on the lookout for that riser!

Dustin and Carrie..... said...

Great Pictures! We were talking about Ace tonight! I will have to show these pictures to Caden tomorrow. He will be excited to see them. Congrats on making the USA team! How fun!!

c.hill said...

Hi Jennie!,

I really wish today's game in York, PA wasn't cancelled but it was still awesome that you all took time for a meet and greet.

My dad was the one with the old white softball from 1983 military air force team hahaha :].

I don't know if you read these comments but if you do, I meant to give you a book called, "Heaven on Earth: Capturing Jonathan Edwards's Vision of Living in Between".

Your blogs are really encouraging and thought that it would be nice to give you this book but unfortunately it was in my purse and I forgot. :[

Also~ if you or the Bandits need any help in graphic design, I'd be more than happy to help free of charge! :]

Go Bandits!

For His glory always,

Crystal HIll

Dana said...

Big congrats on making team USA. All the new kids on the block will have a great leader in you from which to they can learn. I have all confidense that our USA Softball team is in great hands. Im going to try to make it to Oklahoma City if i can find a driver. My Epylepsy wont let me drive but if not you will be on ESPN. Yea. Thanks for being you.

1 packerfan said...


Just found this blog, I've heard many things about you, all good . You probably know your a role model for many young girls and I use some of your quotes regulary when coaching my rec league softball team. Keep up the great career and congrats on yet another USA team...I know how you feel and it is such an honor to wear the red, white and blue. I hope you read these comments...

Muskego, WI

Jennie Finch said...

Thank you for your sweet comments and support! I do read your comments! Thank you! We will be on ESPN for the World Cup July 16-20!