Thursday, June 4, 2009

Opening Day for the Bandits!

What an amazing night last night. I have to admit I was a little teary eyed taking the field last night as a Bandit. I was surrounded by incredible female athletes who are all living out their dreams! There was a huge staff working so hard to pull this off for us and for the future of our league and more importantly the millions of young girls out there. What a night!

Yes, I have to admit there were not thousands of fans in the Stadium. Maybe field is more appropriate but to us its OUR STADIUM! To us, its not about that, its not about money, publicity, fame, sponsors, its about playing the game we love!

Here we are the best of our sport competing, never taking a single day for granted in uniform. Appreciating every person that stepped through the gates (or gate) to watch us. Here in the NPF the teams stay after sign EVERY autograph, chat, and mingle with our fans. Thank each and everyone who comes out to watch! Some of my teammates spent there own money to make our Stadium what it is. This is what it is all about. We do not expect anything, but hope for... hope for more opportunity to play. These women get it, they love it. I was humbled to take the field with them. Our goal is to give these fans reasons to come out again. Play softball the way it was meant to be played. We respect the game, play it hard, appreciate every second out there.

To see how much the Bandits Ownership have done and have given for this team is mind boggling! But incredible and we are forever grateful. Our Stadium is one of the best, it truly exemplifies what Professional Softball is all about, we are treated like Pros! I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great ball club! And as players we get it, we are willing to help out, and do all we can to help it continue.

Taking the field last night was a little bit more emotional for me. I have to admit, it might be my last, and that overfills my eyes with tears. At this point in my life a wife, a mother, I am not sure how many more seasons I have, if any after this one. My hope is to give it all I have this season just as I have all of my seasons. My hope is that it is enough for our sport and this league to continue, just as the many women before me have done. To think of maybe not taking the field next summer honestly instantly causes a big lump in my throat. I will not be thinking of this but it will be in the back of my mind every day this summer.

I LOVE this game! I LOVE my teammates! I LOVE competing! I LOVE the opportunity we have. I LOVE it!

I am reminded of how the Lord tells us to live, live as if everyday is our last. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. And the feeling of urgency and giving it all we have, should not just be because it might be our last season for example. It should be how we live daily! We never know, our days on earth are numbered and each and every breath is gift!

My hope and prayer is that I live this way not only as a Bandit but in every other aspect of my life.

Always Dreaming & Believing!


Rake said...

we may just have to make the trip up from Atlanta to help support.

I know we would enjoy it.

We have dis-placed church family up that way - we have 2 reasons to visit.

Em Coff said...

Jennie you are amazing and such a great role model thankyou so much.
I am thankful that you are a believer in Jesus Christ. It gives me hope! I am also a pitcher. thanks again can't wait to see you in longstreth! Em #8

Steve said...

Wow - what a fabulous post! I'm watching the Bandits on and enjoying seeing players that I haven't been able to see for awhile.

I love your comment about being able to continue playing the sport that you love. I live in Florida and there is some great HS Softball down here (your new teammate Cheyenne Jenks, formerly Naples High School being one of those players) and I'm thrilled that the league has placed a team in Florida. It's great to see the players that love the sport being able to continue playing after their college careers have ended.

I look forward to making the drive north to see the Bandits when you come down to the sunshine state.

Danielle said...

I'm hoping to get to a game this summer! I would LOVE to see you all play!

I'm getting to see Casey play (hopefully) when his team comes to Nashville in a couple weeks! If you have any pull, have him pitch on June 17th. Thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jennie you are absolutely amazing! You have been my role model for years! That was an amazing post, we really should live each day like its our last! When I read this i became so regretful thinking this could be your last season and i have never in person seen you play!

khia said...

what can i say i love ur post and that u want to keep playing the sport that u love and thats softball, i hope i can follow my dream like you did and keep playing softball im only a junior this year but once high school is done and college i hope i can keep playing because i love it just as much as u do, i love going out there either to pitch, play out field or a little of 3rd i just love the sport. P.S: thanks for being such a good role model for me