Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Golden Girls

I was sitting in the Doctors Office yesterday and was joined by 4 Golden Girls! They were chatting about their families, cancer, life, and getting old. I was tickled overhearing their sweet conversation about getting old!

Here are a few quotes from the Golden Girls.

"I don't know why they call these years the golden years, there is nothing golden about it." Another replied, "It's only golden for the Doctors, that's about it!"

One said, "My mother told me getting old is Not for Sissy's, and boy was she ever right."

Another, "If I would've known getting old was going to feel like this, I would've tried harder to stay young, that's for sure."

One said, "I'm shooting for 90," she was 73. Another replied, "Oh honey, good luck with that, you have a long ways to go! I am shooting for 2 more years and I will be the oldest to ever live in my family!"

It was such a cute conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed! If I make to my golden years I hope to have a golden sense of humor to go with it like these adorable beautiful Golden Ladies.

I had a golden week last week, spending it in the mid west with my Golden Grandmothers! They sparkle and shine of pure Gold. I feel so blessed to know them, have them, and spend time with them. I treasure every minute!

Here is a photo with them from Floyd Valley Hospital's 7th Annual Pink Ribbon Night! We had a great time raising money and awareness for the Fight against Breast Cancer. Thank you to everyone that joined us and support this great cause. I can not express my gratitude to all my family and friends in the mid west!

My mom's mother, Grandma Ada to my left and my dad's mother, Grandma Lois to my right.
They define beauty & grace!

Believing in the "Gold" of the Golden years!


Bianca said...

That is so precious, Jen :) I loved reading it!

Never Kwit said...

I enjoyed reading your story. Grandmothers (grandparents) are one of life's greatest treasures. I am always sharing stories of my grandparents with my children. I think it is important that they know just how special they were and what an impact they had on my life both growing up with them and taking the lessons they taught me and using them in my life today. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the wonderful Italian cooking my grandmother did at Thanksgiving and remember how she would open her house to the neighborhood, She was a walking angel.

I think your work with the Breast Cancer Awareness is great and I am sure that your name has helped the campaign greatly. Thanks for championing this cause.

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Sounds like they take their age with so much grace. I hope I'm the same way if I get to that age. Blessings to you!!!

kaishimama said...

Hello. A Japanese kaishimama. KAI SHI went to a visit today saying you could put on a kimono like a samurai and live long as golden boy. The blog was quite serious, so (^^; put a picture on my twitter

If it was good, it'll be seen, won't it?

Jack said...

I plan on living to be 130, so 90 is just middle age. Got to love life and live it.