Sunday, November 15, 2009

Binghamton, NY

We had a Fantastic Fun weekend in Binghamton, NY! We had our 2nd to last camp of the year... it makes me a bit sad thinking about it. We had 400 awesome campers and their families. We packed the dome! It was such a wonderful environment, we had tons of fun! Its always great coming up to the Northeast, seeing the excitement for fastpitch. I am so grateful to all who came and participated! Thank you to Lou Bishop for having us up here. We look forward to coming back next year! Here are some shots from the the festivities!

This crew below is the unit! They make it happen! Family & friends... well they are all family! Well, minus the chef! ;) They are the ones who sacrifice so much, they have allowed me to make my dream of running my own camps a reality. Let me tell you, they are beyond selfless, so giving, so loving, so of so much. They are always there to do this, they are the foundation and the glue to the JF Softball Camps. We are so forever grateful and forever in debt to this crew! Thank You and We love you!
(I know its a lil' corny being in a Japanese Steak House but its the only shot I have of everyone!)

These are my girls! You know those girls who know you inside out! Those girls who you can always count on! Those girls who tell you what you need to hear not just what you want! They are way more than teammates they are best friends! These girls are above and beyond, I love them like sisters! My besties!!! They give me the warm fuzzies! XOXO

I love this shot! My dad and I talking shop at the pitching station! I'm so blessed to have him come work my camps! He is my backbone! I would not be where I am today without him. He is my confidence when mine is gone. He tells me what is right, not easy, but right. A man of integrity, a man of knowledge, he has impacted my life beyond words. He continues to amaze me everyday! I love you dad!

Bergie! What can I say, she is Bergie! One of the best people I have ever met! I love her, admire her, am in awe of her, am so grateful for her and her friendship! And she just so happens to be the most blinged out softball player of all time for Team USA, 4xOlympian!

Mac Attack-52 hitting bombs in the dome! That's what I call her! She is incredible! Inside and out! So caring, so funny, so lovable, so giving, so sharing, I LOVE her! She is one big heart (52) one big muscle!

Another shot of camp! Good times!

Thank you, Binghamton, NY!
Keep Dreaming & Believing! Til' next time!


K.S. said...

What an exciting & encouraging weekend for these young girls! Thank-you Binghamton, NY, Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, Mr. Lou Bishop & Bluechip Softball, Jennie, Mr. Finch (& family), Laura, Andrea, Jaime, Toni and Mack for sharing an AMAZING weekend with us! Thank-you for your time, energy, enthusiasm and most of all for YOUR LOVE OF THE GAME! It shows in everything you do! What a 1st class act/clinic!

We hope to see you in Binghamton, NY again next year!...Til then, be well, live well and play well!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That looks like it was so much fun!! Wish I could've gone. Hope you have a really blessed week!! much love!

Nicole said...

Hey Jennie, this is Nicole, the girl you were talking to that is from Planet Fastpitch. I cannot stop thinking about this weekend. It changed my life, in a positive way. My love of softball is deeply stronger. I normally have low self esteem and always doubt myself. I’ve have now realized that I want that to change. I want to chase my dream, I want to put 110% effort into my softball, and hopefully succeed one day. I now know how important it is to practice like it is a competition, and to compete like it is practice. I don’t want to just be a good player, when I can be a great player. Jennie, I am so grateful that I came to this camp because if it wasn’t for you and your teammates, I wouldn’t have realized that I should chase after my dream, and not give up. So I greatly thank you and your teammates for changing my life, for making a positive impact on my view of softball, and especially for encouraging me to work hard and not give up on my dream. I will remember this weekend as the weekend that changed my life, the weekend that is unforgettable and will be remembered forever.

Bianca said...

Woohoo! Glad to know it went well :)

Come home soon!