Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fear vs Faith

In a world of so much negativity, Fear surrounds us. It's everywhere. Looking into my child's eyes, fear can over take me in a second. I am in constant battle of fear whether it is as a mother, as a wife, a daughter, on the mound, before a speech, every day its a battle.

In the Bible it says "Fear Not" thousands and thousands of times! This is my hope and prayer, Fear NOT! I want my Faith to overcome Fear. Its NOT easy, you turn on the news, you look outside, our world is filled with things to fear.

Through out my career I have had to face many fears. Fear of losing, fear of striking out, fear of hitting batters when I was young, fear of bases loaded, fear of leaving home, fear of getting hit, fear of letting our Country down on the Olympic stage. Fear CAN and WILL over come you IF YOU LET IT. We have to FIGHT OUR FEARS! We have to fill ourselves with POSITIVE thoughts, with FAITH!

It comes to a time where we have to release our fears or we will never do what God has in store for us. Think of how many talents, dreams, goals, businesses, gifts, jobs, relationships and so much more go to the grave with people. Go after your dreams, go after what God is putting on your heart, its an opportunity, Go For IT! One little step, one domino pushed over leads to hundreds and possibly even thousands of dominoes falling over, falling down! Its taking that first step, getting the first domino to tip, lean, and fall which leads to so much more. More than we could possibly even imagine or dream of! Push it OVER, Make it FALL! Go FOR IT!!! One step, one foot in front of the other, step in Faith!

My challenge and prayer is that we break ourselves of this fearful mindset, get rid of our excuses, and live by FAITH! May we look at our fears and pressure as God-given opportunities. If God is for us, who can be against us!

Dreaming & Believing in Faith!


casey_at_bat said...

Well said Jennie. :)

Anonymous said...

Amen Jennie!
I see you are up early in the morning with deep thoughts on your mind. I have a tendency to do that myself. But your thoughts about fear are right on point. It's something every single one of us wrestles with every day. The difference is in how we approach it.
I've tried to take the attitude of..I'm going to feel fear..thats a natural response..but to go ahead and "do it afraid". That's sometimes easier said than done. Yes, we might fall..but what if we fly?? You can't let fears handcuff you and drag your dreams down with it. Sometimes I need a reminder of that.

Thank you for always sharing your humanity. I know it sounds simple..but sometimes those in the public eye are put so high on a pedestal that others can't see they are truly human with the same struggles. You help so many more people by sharing your fears etc and showing how they can be overcome and you can be successful and live your dreams. you are a living breathing example of that!

I believe in you even on those days you don't. Keep your faith and remember to "do it afraid"

much love,
Trisha :)

L said...

Amen, Sister!

Liz Whiston-Dean

Kiana said...

Well said! I pray to God all the time for Him to release the fear that I have inside of me, but I know that I have to do my part as well or else, like you said, it will overcome me. This is a much-needed post. I just wish other celebrities in your position (those whose platform is big enough to get so many to listen) would step up and take a stand like you do. You're truly an inspiration, and I just thank God for people like you.

Brianna said...


love you.

kaishimama said...

A diary written by you, look in the dictionary while you read.
My panic disorder, and fear may be very small. As God gives us the courage!

Bianca said...

This was so awesome Jen! Keep it up, friend :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!! I completely agree. Too many times do we allow fear to overcome us and then we end up holding ourselves back. Which isn't what God wants for us. Thank you for addressing this, definitely need to be reminded. much love and many blessings!!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

I love this post!

Beautiful Daughters said...

Amen Jennie!! Love reading this post. What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog and Twitter comments. You are such a blessing. Do you think you'll be back in the 'Old Pueblo' anytime soon? I work at a Christian Middle School and we would love to have you speak at our Wednesday Chapel. Andy Lopez recently spoke and did a fantastic job. Should I speak to Phoebe Chalk to request you as a speaker?
Keep up the good work!
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.
Is 26.3
Tenaya Roberts

askogz said...

this helped me a lot! i had a fear of messing up wheni throw my different pitches. now im ready to go practice and throw in a game! thanks jennie! :)