Monday, November 9, 2009

Fighting the Funk!

Well after a couple of months of little physical activity, its time! My belly is where I gain my
weight first and well its a little more than it was or a little looser. Never a good thing. After a chocolate malt today, I knew it was time! Time to start it up and start getting after it!

Enough excuses... My mind has been telling me I don't play again til June, I needed a break. But I have to fight the funk! Fight the excuses. I know I am a happier and healthier woman when I work out. Its a sense of accomplishment, pride, empowerment, strength, and so much more.

Its always the first couple of days that hurt the worst and are the hardest to get going. My body however is in desperate need of physical activity. I find myself slowly slipping, slipping into this lazy funk mode. Especially as the holidays approach. I have baked way too many batches of cookies and brownies in the last 2 months. The holidays do this to me every time. Oh, how I love this time of year! Family, Friends, & Food! I made the decision, today is the day to start the journey. Its always the journey you remember, the victories are great but its all about the journey.

I ran about a mile in between some circuit work outs. 2 sets of 12 Step Ups, Walking Lunges, Quick Jumps, One Legged Squats, and some Straight Leg Deads. Not a bad start for day 1, I know its a little weak but I'll come around! You have to start somewhere, whether its half a mile or around the block! In between sets I would hit a bucket of balls right handed off the tee and then a bucket left handed. It felt good and I couldn't help but smile the whole time hitting balls!

Tomorrow I am going to be in pain but I feel better today, physically and mentally. Getting out and fighting the funk! I want to encourage those out there who are in need of a little kick or pat to get it going! We all know how great we feel after! Its just making time and doing it! Get after it! Fight the Funk!



Jennie Finch said...

Oh and you can enjoy more of the yummy stuff the holidays bring! :) Get after it!

Annie said...

Holy Moly! I thought you were posting that you were having another little Ace! HAHA!

Bianca said...

Jen, you and me both. I just had a conversation about this the other day! I can't fall off the band wagon!!!

Annie, you're a doll. Do you remember we connected through Jennie's blog? Totally cool, right? :)

Jennie Finch said...

Annie- not yet! :)

Bi-Love you! Hope to meet up for Mel's bday! I know right... I need to live close and we can be workout buds! Miss you! xo

Anonymous said...

Me too! I haven't slacked off in working out as much as I have in what I eat. Right now I am trying to just get back to eating healthier foods. Love you, Jennie!! many blessings to you this week!!

Brianna said...

the only thing i miss about tucson is you doing some of my workouts with me. good times my friend.

Annie said...

Jenni: can't wait to hear THAT good news!
BB: Jenni is a SMART gal... she brought us together! HAHAHA

Beautiful Daughters said...

Oh Jenny I will join ya in fighting the funk. I have been eating too much leftover halloween candy. lol
My family eats fairly healthy.
I just need to re-introduce myself to the treadmill.

I just started Recipe Tuesday over on my blog. Trying to keep them healthy and simple.


Mom of Mix Kids said...

Oh Jennie! I've been needing that pep talk for about three years now. I don't know why I can't get back into the swing of things. Everything you said is SO true. I gotta do it. Will you hold me accountable? I'll report back...