Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1 in Japan

Today we woke up rested and ready to go eat! We went and ate breakfast here in the hotel. I chowed down on eggs and toast. The bread here is quite delish fluffy and super soft. Can't wait til tomorrow morning! :) We enjoyed the extra strong coffee that is served here and headed straight for our computers. I was able to skype Ace for over 30 minutes this morning. It was so fun being right there with him in the family room. He was asking about all the girls and playing peek a boo with Tash! Even gave a few high fives via computer screen.

We had a spaghetti lunch and headed out to the field for practice. The weather was beautiful! We are playing on turf so it was good to get out there and get some reps. The stadium is really nice and quite big. After practice we headed back to the hotel and showered up. Tash and I went out to find some dinner. We ate at this little cafe/diner. Quite fun, Tash said her and Monica Abbott eat at this place quite frequent (They both play here in the Japan league). So I looked to her for assistance. I had a tomato and mozzarella salad, soup, and bread! Quite good and hit the spot. From there we stopped for a latte at Starbucks, couldn't pass it up. And to top off the night we stopped for some green tea ice cream. It is so good! I make sure to get it every time I am over here. And that was our night! Not a bad day in Sendai!

Tomorrow we open up the tournament with Australia at 3:30.

Here is our meal when we boarded the bus after our flight. A typical box lunch for over here. Chicken, pasta, salad, hot dog and egg. 4 half sandwiches, minus the egg salad sandwich, that one I ate. One cucumber, a chicken, and potato sandwich.

Here is Lauren Lappin at the field! We just arrived for practice. She is ready to go with a big grin!

Here is the team getting ready for practice.

This is us post practice. Heading back to the hotel! Burkhart with the peace sign!

Here is a picture of the teeny tiny puppy store we passed on our way to eat tonight. A whole bunch of teeny tiny dogs. They all were little bitty! So very cute. We couldn't stay too long the smell was horrid, but those puppies were adorable!


Dreaming & Believing!


Yvonne said...

You all look like you're having a blast! It was great to see you play in the World Cup-best wishes in Japan!

~Yvonne :)

khia said...

wow from your pictures it looks like you girls are haven a blast there in japan, it sounds really fun, play hard

Bianca said...

Woohoo! Have fun and kick butt :) Keep up the blogging!

jgross said...

My daughters and I went to the Sioux Falls, SD Clinic and it was FABULOUS! It was awesome to see what a "Family Affair" the Finch family makes the clinic. There were 300 girls at the clinic but it felt more like 40! We as parents were encouraged to be close to the action as Jennie, her father, and 4 other Olympian/USA players lead the sessions. Laura Berg has more energy in retirement than anyone I have ever met. The photo with Jennie and autographs were just icing on the cake! We left the camp full of motivation to do the work to make our dreams into reality! We are hoping Jennie will have another camp in the Midwest again next year!
Joy Gross, Manilla, Iowa