Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventure to Japan, We Made it!

I gave Ace a big hug and tons of kisses before leaving. Even gave him a few monkey faces through the window. I was fighting the tears hoping to get some laughter. Mission accomplished. In a weird way it was as though Ace was even unsure but fighting the uncertainty giving me a half smile. I could tell in his voice and by the look on his face he was uneasy about me leaving! He was a brave big boy for mommy knowing I couldn't take a sad good bye. So I left with seeing the cutest grin in the whole wide world on his face through the window.

I left LAX with a big Baja Fresh Chicken Burrito (gotta get my Mexican food in before headed to Japan) and a $30 dollar bag of snacks in tow! This girl was prepared and loaded with grub!
And boy did we grub! Jenae even ordered us the Asian dish instead of the cheese ravioli which we stared and drooled over while others dove into the dreamy pasta (well sort of). A little laughing too at her mistake while we slurped up our noodles. They weren't too bad! Jenae Leles and I had our own row so we were able to stretch it out! Amen, thank you Jesus! We watched Ghosts from the Girlfriends Past, it was really cute along with Matthew Mcconaughey! Tasha, Lappin, and I were able to catch up in the emergency exit row for a good hour, along with some stretching! The flight was around 11 hours and 11 hours of grubbin' did we do! :) Jenae and I brainstormed about new product for the fall and winter for the online store and for camps! Lots of super fun cute ideas! Stay tuned!

We landed in Japan and laughed our delirious way through customs.
Finding our high water warm up pants so stinking funny as we walked on! After we got our luggage I snuck over to rent a phone! Gotta check on my Ace's! We were then notified of our 7 hour bus ride to Sendai...yea 7 more hours of traveling! So here we are lunch boxes in hand on the bus! The egg salad sandwiches are always the hit here! The salad was good too with a soy ginger dressing. The fruit here is always outstanding! The banana hit the spot! Can't wait for the Fuji apples, so crisp and sweet! I still have not had any shut eye since leaving the states and are in desperate need.

We just got back on the bus after our first pit stop on the journey. Ace scored a plastic fruit vegetable set with a cutting board! He will be able to cut them into 2 pieces! Too cute. And I couldn't resist the transformer beetles! Some big bugs, he will enjoy!

Made it to hotel and eagerly hoping for some rest!



Danielle said...

Enjoy your Japanese excursion! Bring home some hardware! :)

Bianca said...

Yay! You landed safely :) Remember to eat my favorite foods:

If you don't eat at least half of my list, I'll be so bummed!!! Do it... all the cool kids are doing it ;)

skittle addict said...

I love Sendai, I have family there. Never had to travel there by bus though, i always take a train which i think is waaaaaaay faster, good luck and have fun! :D

khia said...

i bet it was hard to leave Ace,im glad u landed safely, have fun and yes do bring home the hardware

Brianna said...

keep us updated while you are out there...every time you blog it's like i can picture you telling the story. I think your exclamation points help! love you and praying for you.

TLM17 said...

So glad yall made it safe. Keep grubbing it up and enjoy the time and kick some butt. I know its tough leaving your Ace's but the time will go fast and you will be with them again. Keep staying as strong as you can and rem that there is an end. Take care and be safe.


kkp1220 said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even know how you leave. It has got to be so hard;-(
Good Luck!!