Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bye Bye Binky!

Good news, the Binky is Gone, Gone, for Good!

Ace's last sound sleep with his Binky!

We have been telling Ace when he turns 3, that is when he will give up his binky because he will officially be a big boy!

He was going to give it to Pop's (Casey's dad) horse, Alligators, Pop's dog Goose, and the list goes on and on of who was going to get the binky! Well last Sunday we had his first little birthday gathering and Casey asked if he wanted to give his binky to Hunter, Casey's brothers family dog? Ace nodded and busted up laughing, handing over his binky to Hunter.

As you can see Hunter took it. Casey then grabbed it and said Hunter swallowed it! My stomach dropped, looked at Casey and asked, "are you sure?" Half grinning, unsure, he answered, "I dont know?" Immediately my stomach dropped and I was full of unsureness and uneasiness!

So this was it, it seemed like a good time, might as well! We think?

Before we went to bed, Casey and I were talking about it...
Casey said, "I don't even care, we can give it to him. It doesn't even bother me!"
I replied, "Me either, why are we doing this?"
But we both knew deep down it was needed to be done, might as well just, get er' done!

That night was a rough one... crying on and off for about a good 2 hours. We just kept reassuring him he was a big boy and distracting him, over and over. Ace even told me to get in the car because we had to go to the store to buy another binky. He loved it. He missed it. He needed it! Oh, it was rough! We were strong and able to hold out!

The next morning however, he woke up way earlier than usual, bummer!

The next night, it was "Mommy I really really want my binky, but I gave it to Hunter!"
And that was it, good night!

Bummed now we are unable to keep him asleep while transporting him from place to place. Dang, we had it good... so good!

Night #3 it was, "I really really want my Binky, but I am a big boy!" Amen! Amen! And he was off to bed!

Day #4 it was, "Mommy I want that think that I suck on, I need it!" It was too funny, he was thinking if I rename it, maybe I will get it! So smart!

Night #4, "I am so frustrated with my blankie, I just want to bite it!" He so searches to soothe himself at night. He is doing so good! This has been way, way easier than I ever imagined! We are so blessed!

Now and then he'll randomly ask about it, and want it. But we are so very grateful for how easy it has been! We are so fully aware that we (Casey and I) caused this madness, but it has all worked out really good we have made it this far, 7 houses (atleast), over 39 states, and 4 countries, all with the help of a Binky!

Bye Bye Binky, we are all 3, all grown up now!



Alicia, Brandon and Reagan said...

Congrats! The pictures are too cute! I remember I was excited taking it away, but also sad b/c my baby was no longer a baby. Reagan's blankie has taken the paci's place...biting it, smelling it, whatever as long as she has it for comfort to sleep or relax. We are so proud of Ace!

kkp1220 said...

I can't believe he is 3!!
Glad you stayed strong with the binky;-)
Good luck this summer

Rake said...

Moments and memories to cheerish for a lifetime.

Bella said...

My friend emailed me a link to a site that has a publication on losing the binky (it is free, makes money by advertisements). A friend of mine shared with me (she absolutly raved about the method). Very cool stuff, worked like a charm, wouldn't do it any other way. Too much to discribe, but it is for anyone who is interrested. If you do, let me know your thoughts….Bella

Jill said...

Hey Bella,
Thanks for sharing, I checked out (not only was it free, but they didn't even ask for my email, thank goodness). We followed the steps and three days later she was done. She even threw her daycare paci in the garbage and proceeded to take the best nap ever! She doesn't even ask for it anymore! My family is still shocked at how easy and painless for my daughter this process has been! Thanks for sharing... Jill