Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Jersey to Long Island

This past weekend was awesome! Softball season is here! I had such a blast hanging out at our tournament at the beautiful Diamond Nation & JF Softball Academy this past weekend. It started off with a Pizza Party with all of our Ace's (12u, 14u, & 16u) on Friday night. It was a blast grubbing it up on amazing NY Pizza and getting to know the Ace's better. What a great group we have with all of our teams & Coaches! These girls are looking good in their pink & black and looking forward to a summer full of competing!

Here are just a few of the pictures I took with the teams that were in our tournament.

On Sunday I had the privilege to head out to Manhassett High School to meet the Middle School girls and Manhassett High School team. Even though they live in a lacrosse dominated area, it was great to see the passion for the sport of softball there. A group of parents came together after the tragic loss of an amazing Coach & Parent, Rocky, and built a magical field for these ladies to play on. They named it "Rocky's Field" in honor of this dearly beloved man, father, and softball fanatic! It is nicer than some of the college fields that I've played on. It was a very special ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication to Rocky and for all the softball players of the area. You could feel the love for him out there on that field. I want to commend this group of parents for their dedication, hard work, and commitment in honor of Rocky and for the softball players of Long Island. Manhassett High last year was rained out of 80% of their games... quite depressing to work so hard preparing for season and then to only play 20% of their games. Well now Manhassett High has one of the most premier astroturf softball fields in the country and an angel looking down on them. It was such an honor for me to be there and I left inspired! Thank you Manhassett!

I'm training hard getting ready for the 2010 NPF season and competing with Team USA this summer! It is coming up fast! Looking forward to getting back in uniform on the field with my teammates!

We are off to the west coast for a quick television show taping then headed back to Houston/Spring for our first JF Softball Camp of 2010! We are looking forward to kicking it
off in the great state of Texas! Can't wait... its been too long! We have 3 camps this month Houston, Ardmore OK, & Colorado Springs Memorial Day weekend! Spots are still avail! Register today @

Dream & Believe!


Bianca said...

It's about time you blogged, Jen! :)

Love you. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

BZs said...

I was actually reading your older posts when the new one appeared :) You go #27! :)

lmotti said...

As a parent of 2 girls that participated in your Manhasset clinic this past weekend, I must say that you have become quite the role model in our house. Both my girls pitch and have definitely turned it up a notch. Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you compete this summer.
Be Well.

AWDean said...

Ah, Long Island... Grew up there... Looking for the most perfect gift imaginable for a young softball lover? Jennie at Great Friends Greetings - Create a special keepsake... From Jennie!

Teri said...


I am so thrilled to have my daughters signed up for your Ardmore, OK camp! We weren't able to attend last year and were so bummed! Both of my girls have been playing softball for 6 years and are 10 & 12yrs old. They are on cloud nine :) I am too, I might add. I am so pleased that they can have a role model that displays not only athletic talent, but also a geniune, heart warming, christian woman.

Hailey said...

i was actually at this tournament and had a blast even though i never got to meet you. i pitch in this wonderful game and i really wish as i grow older i can acheive what you have as a pitcher thank you for the inspiration dream and Believe and anything is possible =]

skizzle72015 said...

Hey Jennie!!
I sent you a letter for a research project that I did for school and I just want to thank you sooooo soooo sooo much for the letter and autograph that you sent me!! I almost fainted when my language arts teacher handed the envelope to me. Thank you sooo much!!
-Hannah B.