Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Magical Spring

Outside the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, cardinals are flying, bees are buzzing, the eggs are hatching, it is so beautiful. It has been a Magical Spring! Celebrating Easter was such a great reminder of why we all have reason to have such an incredible joy and hope within us!

We as a family had a great time down in Florida for Spring Training! We met so many great people and made some very sweet friendships! We had family come visit and we all got to do some of the touristy things that Orlando has to offer. To name a few, catch an Orlando Magic Game, sit on an alligator, and meet President Bush Senior (Ace even ate some of his popcorn), and watch a lot of good baseball! Here are some pictures of our fun Spring!

Casey had such an awesome Spring! He did so incredibly well!!! We are so very proud of him regardless of what he does on the field however he was lights out! :) It was so much fun watching him out there on the mound, so confident, so committed, and so determined! It seems unfathomable that he didn't make the Astros after his terrific spring. Yes, Unbelievable! But as we know the Lord has a plan and we are praying for only His will. My dad sent me this the other day and it is what gives us peace.

"If you are leading your life according to Gods will...then no matter what the situation good or bad...it's exactly where God wants you to be."

I have such great admiration and respect for my "Big Ace!" He continues to plug away, knowing this is exactly where God wants him to be! Daily he is an example for me and our family! He will be starting out with the Round Rock Express and waiting for whatever the Lord has in store.
Thank you for all of your love and support you have shown for Casey now and over the years! We are so incredibly grateful and appreciative. We have been overwhelmed and it has been such a blessing!

This last weekend was such a blast! Casey was able to be home in the spring for the first time in 10 years... the Lord works in mysterious ways! Louisiana is on the way from Florida to Texas, another blessing! ;) We were able to celebrate Easter and Casey's birthday in as Casey calls it, "God's Country!" We had so much fun with family & friends! A crawfish boil, fish fry (Casey catch), dying eggs, Mamaw's crawfish Ettoufee, gallons of sweet tea, Casey's fav yellow cake with chocolate icing (thanks Dee), and lots of fun! I have to admit I do realize why Casey is ever so proud and In Love with the great state of Louisiana!

We have SO much to be thankful for! Wishing you all a beautiful spring full of joy & hope!

Dream & Believe!

PS SO excited for Baseball/Softball Season!!! Let's Play Ball!!!!


Brianna said...

I love looking at all your pictures jen. sending you lots of love...miss you!

Andie said...

Dear Jennie,
I am glad your Easter was a joyous one. Mine was awesome. My husband and I went to the Easter vigil as is our custom. It is more beautiful every year. Our Easter was perfect.
Sadly, Monday, my mother was admitted to the hospital with stomach and intestinal problems. We are hopeful surgery will not be needed. She is a strong woman with a stronger faith in God. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Gloria.
Thank you and may God Bless and keep you and your family.

Annie said...

Jennie: I CAN. NOT. believe how big Lil' Ace is getting!!! I'm sad to see that little boy face slowly changing into his more Big Guy one!!! But how fun for you and Casey to have him so close and such a part of your lives. You're totally right: God knows EXACTLY what He's doing!!! Bless you, mama!

kaishimama said...

Kaishi became a mischievous boy in this year. Your Ace is completely a boy, and the surprise at the earliness of growth. You were able to spend the time of a wonderful family and it was good.

Kelly said...

welcome back to Round ROck! I know it's not where you hoped to be :(
I can only imagine how frustrating that is for ya'll!
See ya at Dell;) our boys will have to play together more this season!

mcnew said...

Your winter neighbors from Michigan delivered the picture and softball after church this morning. To say you are amazing is an understatement. You are an incredible role model for my 11 year old daughter and we just want to thank you.
God bless.

caroline's privet thoughts said...

Let a girl know next time u are an hour away from her. I would lov to meet u!!! I am such a huge fan of yours. I can not wait to see you guy play and lok forward to being able to come to one of your games. Plz comment back on my comment if you do I would smile ear to ear. U rock!!!

Kirsten said...


I am sure you get comments and emails all the time but I just have to tell you what a role model you are for my daughter. She is 10 and plays for the Indiana Thunder 10U travel softball team. She eats, breathes and lives for softball. Everything she does is because she wants to grow up and be just like you. She is sidelined right now with a rotator strain of the right shoulder but she is recovering slowly and hopes to be back on the field for their next tournament.

Just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful role model for our daughters!!


Missy said...

Praying that whatever is Gods will, will be for Casey...that has to be frustrating! I will definately keep you all in my prayers! LOVE the pics of spring, at least on the plus side he got to be a part of some of the fun with you and Ace!
Softball season has started here for my #15/#11(school number, select team #) and its been a blast so far. We will be heading to Colorado, California, Chicago, Kansas and so many other local tournaments between now and August. We are also going to try and go see a few colleges this summer for visits. Since she graduates next year we have been emailing, etc and have gotten some contacts of interest back. Any advice for us on it all? Stay strong and enjoy these moments as they pass us by so quickly