Monday, May 10, 2010

A list of 27 for my MOM!

Happy 1 day late Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there! I hope you all had a well deserved most fabulous Mother's Day! I enjoyed my day with my Ace's at a couple of ball fields, a save, and then topped off with a wonderful dinner with them & ice cream on the couch! Actual dinners like sitting down at a table as a family is far and few between during the baseball season we can usually count them on one hand. I was very thankful we were able to share a dinner together at a table as a family... a precious gift!

I am so incredibly blessed beyond words regarding my Mom! She is the best! She is my rock! So many laughs, tears, joy, celebrations, losses, lessons, and so many unforgettable memories. She has shown me and taught me so much about life and love! She is always there for me to talk to, always there to shed a tear with, she has always been there...

I decided I would make a list of 27 (of course) things to share about my mom! ...I could go on forever but will share 27 with you.

1. She took off 3 weeks of work to go with me to China for World Championships hauling Ace over seas with me at 3 months old! (If that's not love...) Oh, we packed for any and every emergency, diapers & food for a year in case we got stuck... it was crazy and we DID it!
2. Getting up at 4 am every morning for work to enable us to do what we loved.
3. Setting up the snack shack throughout High School through 3 seasons a year for 4 years! Volleyball, Basketball, & Softball
4. She is always there to tell me how it is and what I need to hear not what I want to hear.
5. She has put up with a living room table of fan mail for the last 8 years and has gone through every single piece of mail I have received. She helps me answer it all back. Yes, thank her she deserves all of the credit, I just sign.
6. She makes my clean clothes smell like heaven (I cannot figure it out, same soap, same softener... its her magic touch).
7. She makes the best lasagna I have ever tasted.
8. She gives the best hugs & back rubs.
9. She has such a sensitive & caring heart, cries at everything... I am following in her footsteps!
10. She yells during Laker games at the TV! It would scare Ace when he was little, now he yells for Kobe and shouts Go Lakers right with her!
11. She has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen!
12. She told me after I pitched a perfect game in HS, if I did another back to back I could get a Guess Watch (which I wanted so very badly), sure enough I did it, she bought it! A fun memory!
13. She is very conservative, my shorts & skirts are never long enough. I appreciate that in her.
14. She adores her grand kids! Seeing her with Ace is the greatest sight!
15. She kept peace (for the most part) in our household with our father/daughter softball world & relationship! :)
16. She's always up to share a bowl of ice cream with you.
17. She bleeds Dodger Blue & now whatever team Casey is with.
18. She took 2 weeks off of work to be with us as Casey was on the road and Ace was just born! (Such a special time we shared... treasured memories forever.)
19. She went to Taiwan and took my Grandma with her to watch me play for the Jr. USA Team. My first USA experience it was so special having them there & reassuring at the age of 17.
20. She is there to listen everyday when I call her.
21. She laughs so hard she cries & coughs.
22. She doesn't wear makeup and is naturally beautiful.
23. We have the same toes.
24. She gets competitive when it matters.
25. She is a woman of faith and loves the Lord!
26. I love her hands, always well manicured and so very soft! She has such a gentle touch.
27. She is my Mom and I adore her!!!

She loves the little things in life and is such a simple person full of love! I am completely overwhelmed with such appreciation and gratitude for all she has been, sacrificed, and cont. to be in my life! I love you Mom! I thank the Lord above daily for blessing me with a Mother like you!

She has taught me and enabled me to always Dream & Believe!


Anonymous said...

Jennie that was very sweet. This year was a very tough year for me as I miss my mom terribly! Hearing about your mom made me smile (reminds me that our mom's were definitely related) from the beautiful green eyes, no make up, sensitivity and conservativeness to the love of the Lord. Very special. Tell her hi for me.

kaishimama said...

It is wonderful mother. And, you exist as ace's wonderful mother now.

Jasmine said...

Happy MOther's Day, to you and Bev!

abmarie said...

hi jenny I admire as a great pitcher that you really are a great example as well as those of Venezuela, I am called abmarie really pitcher and congratulations on your victory will appreciate you

abmarie said...

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