Thursday, March 19, 2009


Monkey Faces to you! Mine and Ace's favorite face exchange! This all started with my dear friend and teammate Andrea Duran! Ace loves his "Dre," too, "she's fun," he says! This is the fun stuff your friends and teammates teach your children. Mostly it's good stuff but there is always some bad with the good! I love it! Thanks Dre! :)

We had dinner with some friends last night! We had such a blast and enjoyed the great company! We are so thankful! Here is Ace hamming it up! Casey pretty much stuck him in the water fall, he sure was amused. The things you can do when you 6'5"! This reminds me back in college my roommates would always laugh at me because I would stick things in high places! I am a smart girl! :)

On a serious note...
While I was flying last weekend at the airport I sat by a couple of our incredibly brave and amazing service men/women from the Army. All of them had over 10 years of service and were top ranked leaders. I immediately thanked them for their service and joined in for a conversation. After being thanked, a soldier with a gentle calm spirit looked me in the eyes and returned so seriously, "happy to do it." I will never forget him, what he said, and how he said it.

Ugh, this just stuck my heart. I wanted to give them all just a huge hug. It brought tears to my eyes hearing them talk about their families, sons, daughters, and more. Hearing of how they have truly made a difference in the middle east and brought a great change. Hearing how they mostly miss family, hardest part is losing soldiers, and they miss their daily freedoms when they are overseas.

Here they were on their fourth day of traveling in from Afghanistan, laughing about how they have spent 4 days in the same uniform they left in and smelling not so good at this point. I truly enjoyed our chat and was in awe visiting with them. They had a great attitude despite the fact it was looking as though they were going to be yet another day without a shower, stuck in an airport.

All of our servicemen and families have been heavy on my heart. We are continuously praying for each and every serviceman and their families! We are forever indebted and so grateful. Forever thankful! They are our true heroes, my heroes! Thank You!

Dreaming & Believing!


Anonymous said...

That sounds memorable. We just send my uncle to Afghanistan on his second leave. He had a newborn on his first leave to Iraq in 2005 and now he is on his second leave for Afghanistan. It's very hard but we are managing. It just takes prayers and believing. Also, sorry I missed your call. Call again when your in town and we will get a bite to eat. 518-791-4347
God Bless. Give Ace and Casey hugs for me.

Rake said...

Monkey Face! = cute.

Your son is growing fast. Such fun times - enjoy!

Lance, Jamie, LJ & Rookie said...

I love the monkey face! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog - it made me smile. Hope to run into y'all at some point in time. Baseball is a great big, tiny world. Praying for y'all as the spring wraps up and another year begins!