Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St. Patti's Day Fun!

We had a fun time on St. Patrick's Day celebrating a dear friends birthday party! Here is a photo from the day! Ace is obsessed with bull riding! He was so excited to see there was a bull attending the party!

This weekend was a blast! We had some friends come in from California. We watched Casey pitch, ate, bbq'd, and ate some more! We enjoyed spending the weekend with them and soaking in the warm weather. We went out with friends to a place called Rawhide, its the Wild West! We had a lot fun there with friends, Ace had his buddies along! They road a train, a horse carriage, ate rattlesnake, and even watched bull riding to end the night! Good times!

A great weekend! Here is a shot of the boys on the carriage ride! Handsome cowboys!

Bull Riding and Loving it!

How about those Wildcats! Bear Down, Arizona!!! Keep it going! Sweet 16 and going! :)

We are enjoying our time together and getting ready for both of our seasons!

Dream & Believe,


Kiana said...

Hey, it's Josh Rupe!

Ace is getting so big. Boy, how time flies.

I'm looking forward to the softball season and still hoping that I'll get to see Casey in Arlington in a Rangers uniform!

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