Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chicago Thanksgiving!

We had a blast in Chicago for Thanksgiving! Luckily the weather wasn't too cold. The parade was a lot of fun, the streets were packed with people all bundled up. Casey's sister Dee Dee and our nephew Brock from Louisiana met us for the fun! Ace loved it which made our Thanksgiving and trip well worth it. He was in awe of all the floats, horses, balloons, bands, and even the Poo crew that followed the horses and donkeys. It was great to be back in Bandit Country. We enjoyed Italian Beef Sandwiches, my favorite.

Flying back I looked down at Ace while he was napping on the plane and was blown away how big he has gotten. He took up 2 whole seats as he was stretched out in comfort. It was just yesterday as we were jetting around on planes and he fit in my lap and on my chest. Remembering our trip back from China in 2006 with my mom as he fit perfectly across the seat in the plane. Now he is reaching into his third seat. My little baby is a little boy. As I look over he is slurping up his fruit loops holding over all by himself. He is becoming more and more independent. I am still reminded he is still little at times. I walked into the family room the other day as he had went to the fridge got a gallon of milk out and filled his cup and overflowed making a puddle on the coffee table. He replied, I wanted some milk, mommy with a concerned grin! My dad then replied, at least he made it into his cup he was right on! I couldn't help but smile. We are enjoying this ride! He is such a goofy kid, he is so much fun! The other night we were rocking out to Dancing With the Stars. He was going crazy, dancing like a wild man. It was so fun. When we got home from Chicago he was telling Grandma and Grandpa he rode in a lemon, too cute. A limo, his lemon! :)
Enjoying and thankful for every minute!


Anonymous said...

Jennie, you are so great! I just love reading your updates and how you are so open with us to hear what is going on in your life! I love it! I wish I could meet you and sit down and have a one on one talk with you, like you did with Amber. I wonder if that would ever happen? Our God is big and he can do anything! :) I would love that! I would love to just get an email or something from you, but I know you are busy and that is understandable! :) but, if you ever wanted to shoot me a quick one, its . I go to Union University, in Jackson, TN. I would love to hear what God is teaching you and doing in your life and how i could pray for you specifically! Let me know! :) Thanks again for keeping us updated with your life! I appreciate it! - Tasha

skittle addict said...

watched the parade since i was up on the west coast. seems like you had fun, hope ace had a blast. i used to love parades when i was younger. i never appreciated my family when i was younger and now many of them are gone andi feel bad for it. enjoy your life and live it to the fullest! :D

Softball Mom said...

My 13 year old daughter will be attending your softball camp in Williamsport, PA this coming weekend. She is very excited and nervous but can't wait to come. As a mom I find it wonderful that she has such a great role model, not only in softball but how you lead your life. You are truly a class act.
Now we are just hoping and praying for good weather for the 3 1/2 drive.


Jenny, thank you for sharing with us your private life! You have a Beautiful familie. It must be nice to be in Chicago for Thanks Giving day. We're from California, we meet you, your father and your son on the last game. You have in Irvine before you left to China for the Olympics.I have two daughters one is 12 years old and the other one is 9 years old they both are pitchers. Playing for West Garden Grove League. I just find out that your coming to Mission Viejo. We will be there, I also will give this around to other players so they can go to your camp. Thank you for all your help you giving to all the players.