Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OK... Here are a few!

You caught me being lazy, you asked for some pictures and here they are! We are headed out to Chicago! Wishing we were with our families... but grateful to be with our unit Casey, Ace and I!
Honored to be a part of the parade this holiday season!
I wish you all a Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for all the many blessings we have been blessed with. We thank the Lord, our families, friends and so many more! May you enjoy this so very sweet holiday with yours!
Forever grateful, beyond explanation!


softballgurl_15 said...

WoW! looks like it was a blast! glad u had fun... yeah, uh i enjoyed WATCHING IT ON T.V. LoL!
i guess u kinda read my mind, cuz just last nite after i posted my 1st blog i was thinkin how kewl it would have been 2 c some pics!!! (great minds think alike!)
<3 ya, n best wishes this holiday season!
love, Rosie Lynch AkA: BuLLY
p.s. i'm not really a bully, its just n odd nickname i got a couple softball seasons ago...

Brianna said...

love, love, love your dress! hotness.

Alissa Chenetski said...

I'm so excited for you for that experience and now Grand Marshall in Chicago that is awesome. You are great and I should say I'm thankful for you this holiday, all that you do for not just softball but for people like me that just look up to you because your such a great person all around. I can't believe you met Taylor Swift I am overly jealous : )

Hello said...

your life is pretty much perfect. I would LOVE to just live one day in your shoes. You are so blessed Jennie, and don't EVER forget that. To have a family like yours that cares, that's there for you..must be simply amazing. I wish I could experince that, it's so frustrating you have no idea. I am so jealous of you. I try SO hard, at everything I do, and it seems like NO ONE notices. I just want to run as far away as I can, to some where where things don't seem to be so bad, but then I seem selfish becuase things could be worse, and God has a plan for us all right? No matter how bad things get, I just have to remember they happen for a reason, and when I graduate high school, and college, I want to tell my story, to help people like me, who just don't understand.

I guess all I am trying to say is you are an inspiration to me. You give me a reason to want to keep going, becuase your so postive, and you give me hope that one day everything will be ok, and my broken family, will some how find a way to get fixed. Becuase I need them, and I can't keep living without them. My mom even works tomorrow. It will just be me here on Thanksgiving. Ill try and make the most of it. You have a great one with your family.

skittle addict said...

like i said before i'm JEALOUS! seems like u had a great time. once again have a great time in the parade. :D

Softball_Pitcher#12 said...

WOW. Jenny it looks like you had a bunch of fun with your family over the holiday. I'm sooo glad you left the pictures. I am way jealous that you got to meet Taylor Swift :o!! I think you are great . . not just at softball but all around. You always seem to make things work out. :)

<3 YA!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for honoring my request for pictures from the CMA's! It looks like you had a blast! And girl, you must be tall to be towering over Taylor Swift who has some height on her as well. Thanks again for sharing all your experiences and pictures etc..makes me feel like i was right there with you. xoxo
Trisha :)

p.s. forgive the million different blogger names..seems to change everytime i try to log in. It's me!