Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the go!

We hopped on a plane and headed out to Arizona for 36 hours. Just crazy. We basically came here to catch our next flights out! We are unpacking, dropping stuff off, and repacking! The story of our life. Yes, we wear the same things pretty much over and over. Why pack anything other than your favorite outfits, right? Its hilarious, I really have no idea what my closet consists of I do know that there is no more room in it however. Many times I look to the suitcase only to find non matching stuff, what are you going to do? This is my excuse for my lack of style at times and some times non matching shoes! :) Casey constantly is asking if I'm wearing holes in the armpits of my clothes. We did try to go to shopping last week in LA, it was the usual! Leaving with nothing but a good lunch and Ace a few items! I did get a T-shirt, just what I needed another T-shirt. However, I am quite excited to swap out my wardrobe. I even packed my cowboy boots this time, look out. We'll see if I actually wear them. I tend to avoid the dressy clothes even though they are in my bag! Yes, cowboy boots are dressy, for me! Last night I was scattering through trying to find a dress for the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner. I was excited to find one, we'll see if it's still the one when I get there. We have quite a bit coming up.

I'm headed out to Ohio to do a clinic with Crystl Bustos for the weekend. I owed her at least this, she helps me out with all of our camps. I'm excited to get to meet more future champions and hang out with Crystl. Then from there to DC! I will be joining other Olympians visiting our veteran troops on Monday and then joining a larger group of the 08' Olympians for a celebration at the White House. It should be a fun couple of days!

We are gearing up for our Arkansas camp, we just closed it today. We are full unfortunately and fortunately!

Fun stuff ahead!

I hope you all are enjoying baseball playoffs! I am! I am a huge baseball fan, even Casey makes fun of me. I'm so sad when baseball season is over! I just enjoy the game and having the option to watch it and the highlights. I'm excited to see the Angels and Dodgers both playing in October! I have to admit I was born and raised a Dodger fan, but I do still cheer for the Angels being from so cal! Its so fun to see grown men so excited to compete and the intensity of post season. Watching the Angels, Red Sox game last night, I was in awe of the crowd and atmosphere! The pitching dominated. How about Jason Bay? I love it. Casey is somewhat tuned in, he says he's watched over 100 games this season, its really the last thing he wants to do. I completely understand. As you can tell I rarely win control of the remote. I am however enjoying postseason baseball, when I get the chance. Go LA!

Well better get back to packing!

Dream & Believe!


Alissa Chenetski said...

Can you post where you'll be in Ohio with Crystl I am in Columbus, Ohio and would love to see you again? I would even travel lengths of time.

skittle addict said...

angels eh?i prefer the dodgers even though i am closer to whole family consists of angels fans. weird thing cuz im wearing a dodger jersey right now.....
enjoy all the places you're gonna go :D

Nora said...

Yeah, cowboy boots can be dressy. Nothing wrong with that. So, was the dress you found for the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner "the one?" If not (or if you need another one for another event sometime), you should try looking through That's where I've been having the most luck outfitting all my peeps for my wedding. Good luck.