Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Rock was Rockin'!!!!

Little Rock, Arkansas
Our Incredible Coaches
Mac Vandergeest, Toni Mascarenas, Caitlin Lowe, Andrea Duran, Kelly Kretchmen, Bustos

We had a blast in Little Rock, Arkansas! What a great time! The girls were such a great group! We were hosted by the "Battin' Babes" and the "Arkansas Batbusters"! What a fun time we had with them! We have grown relationships with them, being our third camp that they have either attended or hosted! We had a great dinner on Friday packed with over 500 people and finger lickin' BBQ! I love the south! Such sweet people & always great food! Bustos even had her own bat boy for the entire weekend! His dad dared the little brother and sure enough Bustos excepted. I don't think he left her side, it was really cute!

The University of Arkansas at Monticello helped us out this weekend for camp!

Bustos dropping Bombs!

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, it did! Mr. Trace Atkins stopped by on Sunday during the camp! What a special treat for the girls!!! And us too of course! I was a fan before the Apprentice and even more so now after getting to know him and his sweet generous family! He made 400 girls giddy getting on the mike and I think all of their parents too! We were so delighted to have him! We auctioned off the glove I wore for the pitching demo, we both signed it and was able to donate to his charity! FAAN! Helping young kids with severe allergies! What an incredible day! Thank you Trace!

On cloud 9, we floated up to New York for the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner. They were gracious enough to invite our entire team to the event! It was so fun being a team together! I miss my girls! Monday we were able to continue floating, around NY on a dinner cruise. Tuesday we attended the Gala at the Waldorf, as always an inspiring amazing night. It always seems surreal to be in the presence of Billy Jean King and all the other amazing female athletes past and present! Its pretty incredible to see the past athletes and how they continue to succeed off the court and in the real world. The fun just continued! I want to thank all the many sponsors who came out and supported the Women's Sports Foundation, it continues to open doors and empower women and young girls!

We are now back on the bayou in Louisiana! Enjoying our southern roots, family, and friends. Casey has been non stop working the cows, fishing, clearing up the pond, and more. He is trying to soak it up as much as possible. Ace is loving the open air, animals, and rice & gravy! I'm along for the fun, soaking it all up too! Enjoying the golf cart rides and watching the boys have a blast!
Enjoying our family we don't get to see too much of! It's so cute to see the excitement of Sulphur, La for the camp coming up! The Sheriff's Department are so sweet, ready for our arrival. Its really fun being part of a small town and all the excitement for the football games and local news!

Enjoying a few days of down time!


Lady V said...

My daughter enjoyed the camp here in Arkansas tremendously. She can't stop talking about it. She's been practicing the techniques she's learned. She just loved all of the coaches. She even befriended and have been chatting with another camper from Louisiana. I certainly enjoyed it also. The camp was very well organized. You ladies were sooooo sweet!!!! What a joy to have you all in our natural state. Should you come next year my daughter will certainly attend.

trossman said...

My daughter LOVED the camp. We came all the way from Illinois. Even though there were 400 girls there, the ladies gave special attention to each girl. We will definitely go again next year. Any chance you can come closer to Chicago Bandits territory in Illinois? We'd love to have you!

Tania said...

This was the camp my daughter was supposed to go to, but unfortunately we were not able to get someone to go with us andshare the expenses. Sounds like we missed a great experience!!
Any chance you can make it to Southern Illinois? I even made a request to Jessica M. and Stacey N. to come to So. Illinois. I hope either can make it or even better BOTH camps combined!!!

Rake said...

Enjoy the down time.

Arkansas sounded like a blast - and Trace Atkins to boot!

SoftballMom#4 said...

My daughter attended camp and had the experience of a life time. We traveled from Wisconsin as we don't get a lot of oppportunities like this in our area. Every pennie we spent was well worth it. Out of 400 campers Jennie called my daughter and another girl up in front of everyone to recognize how far they traveled and to thank their families for coming. We're still talking about it to anyone who will listen. She's hoping next year her BFF will be able to come with us. Young, vulnerable girls today don't have very many role models with values like Jennie and the other Olympians, it's refreshing and I'm proud to have these ladies representing the game of softball.

SoftballFanatic#8 said...

Is there some way you can come to Florida sometime. I would love that!!! I have played 12 seasons(6 years) of softball and I am only 12! I tell myself everyday when it comes to softball "There is always room for improvement." If you could come I will defineintly come! PLEASE!!!