Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ohio to Ellen!

Hey! We had a blast in Ohio! We were able to meet so many great people. It was a good weekend, Berg even came out and joined us for Sunday. Crystl has her own travel ball organization out here the Bustos Ultimates. How cool is that? They were really sweet, we had a good time. They even took us out to play Cornhole. Oh my! What a game. We had so much fun. Its huge out here. Its a slanted box with a hole on top. You have to throw a bag of corn in it for 3 points or 1 point if it lands on top. We dominated! Jenny, Aimee, and Military Mary introduced us to this fun game. Im so stinkin competitive, we were challenging everyone. It even led to me throwing them at Bustos! We had fun. We were spoiled with cookies, deer jerky, and even hometown hero hall of famer George Foster stopped by to say hello. Its a lot of fun traveling and meeting so many great people. Bustos extended family is out here and it was fun to finlly meet them and experience her Ohio group! Thanks for having me!

Tomorrow tune in to Ellen, a change of plans I am headed to LA to appear on Ellen! So much fun! She is so funny, I am really excited to meet her.

I was informed today Ace now has a football stance! Too cute. He says hike and runs! He is growing up so fast. I miss my guys! They are fishing & hunting having a ball in cajun country! I can't wait to join them!

Dreaming & Believing


Hartman said...

Thank you so much for letting us take Crystal and yourself to dinner sunday night when you were in ohio.Kylee and Kelsey are still in awe.the 3 hours you spent with us and talked to the girls about softball and life lessons in general was priceless.
Thank you again

The Hartman Family

Alissa Chenetski said...

OMG I just saw you on Ellen, that was awesome, it's always good to see ya. I love the jeans though they were so cute. Ellen is so lucky to have received a glove from you, I think that is probably the only item from your line I don't have. lol. Keep us updated and thanks for sharing your life with us every week!

Tania said...

Saw you on Ellen today. It was great seeing you but I will admit it would have been great if you guys could have talked.
My daughter was in awe of how tall you are!! Hopefully she gets that tall. Her biological parents are reall tall so hopefully....!!
Thanks for the updates!!


evanton_jr_boy said...

Lets go big #51 and #27.....Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Wildcats.....

300 wins and 5000 strikeouts.....

is Jennie Finch going to play pro softball next year for the Chicago Bandits......?? Welcome back from the 2008 Olympics..Silver medal....Beijing, China!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting on a great camp in Ohio! My sister and I had a great time! I learned so much that weekend! I have been practicing what you taught us, prayer hands, diver's arms, nine o'clock, hello elbow. We had a blast with You, Crystal and Howard! Can't wait to come to another clinic.
Caiti Yeater

Megan said...

Can anyone tell me what jeans Jennnie was wearing on the ELLEN show? I have looked on line and I can not find then anywhere?

Rake said...

Ohio sounded like fun. We are still awaiting for something simular here in Atlanta.

Catch up with your family soon!

westwood_44 said...

lets go #27 in fast pitch next season......#51 is going to be the last pitcher with 300 wins in the history of baseball....will be passing 300 wins next season and possibly 5,000 strikeouts....currently 295 wins and 4789 strikeouts!

jenni said...

Hey Jennie,

It's Jenni your cornhole partner!!
I just came across this blog, very cool! Sorry it has taken me forever to get these boards done but i they will be out to you soon!
I hope the CMA's were amazing and that you had fun! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Talk to you soon
Jenni Meier