Friday, September 26, 2008

I did it!

Today I did it! I put my running shoes on and made it out for a run! Only after trying to get on my parents elliptical and not knowing how to start it up! Yes, I did petal but there was no power! Checked the plug. I smiled and thought see its not time yet! Thank you Lord!... No, it really is time and I did it! My pants are getting a little more snug, my shirts a little too tight around the mid section, and well I'm finding myself just a bit uncomfortable! So its time! Especially after the Pink's chili hot dog and chili cheese fries from the fair yesterday! Yep, I might have well eaten a bucket of lard! A churro, icee, and then the Pink's stop! Ugh, its time!

It was a struggle! My ipod made it a little bit easier pushing through. I left the house at 2:24 and purposely went a long way with no short cuts! A one way jog, knowing I couldn't just say, "oh that's enough"! I have to admit, I felt way out of shape and a bit old! I know 28 is not old but I felt old! That is what taking a month off has made me feel. I can't help but check myself out as I ran past a house with an enormous window. Come on we all do it! Well only to laugh hysterically at myself, watching me run! Its proven, I'm old! I don't have the young spurt of energy, the strut, you know what I'm talking about! I was dragging, dragging bad! Well its gone! The only thing athletic about my jog was well my out fit! So I continued jogging giggling inside about how I am old and my running proves it! Hopefully it will come back in a couple of weeks! I'm praying! Before I had my teammates, opponents, coaches, and the Olympics! Now its just me against ??? Well myself! Or the music! Britney?

I walked in after my run and my mom looked at me so very oddly and even chuckled a bit. I was the color of a tomato! Thinking I had ran at least 50 minutes and 5 miles, trying to count the number of songs trying to figure out how long I had been running. Well I had myself convinced it was at least 50 minutes! Falling to the ground in exhaustion then again busting up looking at the clock and seeing it had only been 30 minutes! I'm still laughing at myself!

So baby steps! Baby steps! I will get there! I miss sweating and being exhausted! Its sad when you are trying to convince yourself that taking Ace to the fair is a workout! Come on Olympian, competitor, #27, lets go! So today was a start!

We did take Ace to the fair yesterday, and it did count as my workout! Thanks very much! :)
It was a warm one! Its enormous! So much fun! We were overwhelmed! Rides, food, life size stuffed animals everywhere, cows, pig races, pony ride, monster truck rides, petting zoo, and yes we did it all! Everything! We were that family that left the fair with 3 helicopters, a stuffed car, 2 turkey legs the size of monster trucks, a lemonade or 4, our stroller was overflowing! Oh, and 2 candied apples! And left $50 dollars at the motorcycle shoot out! Casey was convinced he could win it! Well at least it was one thing we did leave with out, a motorcycle! And for the record he doesn't even like motorcycles! We were had, but its the fair right! We lived it up! We had a blast! It was a fun day, and not too shabby of a workout! :)

Dreaming & Believing!


Kiana said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It's fun to read about the "human" (for lack of a better term) side of you. It's not very often where the average person can keep up with their favorite celebrity on a daily basis. And it's always fun to read about your adventures. I find myself laughing quite often.

Ace is so incredibly adorable! It seems that everytime you post a picture of him, he's even cuter than the last one you posted. I found myself laughing in your last post when you said that some of the 12 year-olds at your Sacramento camp were calling Casey "hot." It is true, though. He's very gorgeous!

Congratulations on your running! I can relate when you said you came into your mom's house thinking you'd just run about 50 minutes, and in reality it had only been 30. When you haven't done any real exercising in a while and you get back into it, and you have your music to distract you, it always feels like you've gone a lot longer than the time actually shows (at least your body makes you feel that way). Don't worry though, you'll be back in form in no time.

Have a great day! :-)

Alissa Chenetski said...

Congrats on the run, I can't believe it's been over a month now since the Olympics. I love keeping up with what your doing though, The only time I could work out on the elyptical this summer without having to worry about time and how long it was, was when I was watching you on the KFC Bound for Beijing tour when it was on ESPN. I would watch the game from start to finish on the elyptical without stopping. Now I need to find that motivation again. Hope you have a good weekend. :)

BanditSoftball said...

old?? girl, please.
when u hit 4o and 200 pounds like i did. then you can complain.
i am hoping by the time i see you, i get at least 50 pounds off.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to enjoy the weekend as a family & especially the time at the fair!!

Andie said...

Oh Come on Jennie. 28 is far from old. Just wait until you hit 50 and the arthritis sets in. Enjoy it now because before you know it, 50 will be here. Ace is a little cutie pie.