Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We had a great weekend in Sacramento! Camp weekends are always completely nuts for us and for the host but we did it! It was a huge success! The girls were so excited and looked like they had a blast! Close to 400 campers! It just proves how much our sport has grown! Completely awesome! The Monarch's who hosted us were superb! They put so much time and hard work into making it such a great weekend! The field was pretty spectacular, we were the first to use it! It was at Vista Del Lago High School. Crystl Bustos hit the first home run out the park, she signed the ball and the school is going to put it in their hall of fame! The girls went crazy to see Bustos hit, and boy did she put on a show! I'm so blessed to have such great crew come in to help us out. Plus its fun seeing them all and catching up, a little reunion for us. We met so many sweet people this weekend, we truly enjoyed it and the environment. Its pretty funny how I'm unable to sleep before our camps, like its the night before a game day or something! Its a good nervous, we want it to go just perfectly for the girls! So the last two days have been recovery days. When we left there were lots of young girls smiling wishing for a day 3, so it was a success.

A few highlights of the weekend were heading over to a young softballer's elementary school on friday and joining her for lunch! She had a dream and it was pretty neat to make it a reality for her! She was so very sweet, with an amazing family. Another being a young girl walking up to me before taking a photo with me anxiously letting me know how she couldn't sleep at all last night! Another camper arrived on Sunday and let Coach Toni know how she used what she learned in the infield at her game last night and was so very excited! She was able to make the play! Another a young girl coming all the way from Illinois to join us in Sacramento, our furthest camper. At pitching, seeing a girls face light up so very bright she got it, she understood it and could feel it! Another young girl coming up to me and telling me to remember her because one day she will be on Team USA! Another camper asked if she could catch for me, we were able to pull that one off too! All these many highlights of an incredible weekend. This makes all the sleepless nights well worth it! This is what it is all about! We can't wait to do it again! Next stop, Little Rock, Arkansas!

Oh and one more... its the cutest thing to see all these young girls just as excited to see Ace! Oooing & Aweing! So very cute! Oh and for Casey too! :) Just adorable hearing how hot my husband is from 12 year olds!

We are going to be spending some time here in So Cal, this off season. It figures just as we get ourselves unpacked in AZ, right? The Lord is working and we are trying to follow! The Lord has opened an incredible opportunity for Casey to train down here with one of the best in baseball. I'm so very happy for Casey to be doing this. He really has never spent an off season training and preparing fully! This will be so very good for him to have complete coaching & training heading into next season. Its pretty amazing, by the grace of God how far Casey has gotten with just raw talent, to the Big Leagues! I've never seen Casey so excited about pitching as he was when he came back from his first day training. He said they were able to do things that he has been trying to do for years. Thank you Lord, for giving us this opportunity! From a golf tournament, to generous golf pros, to this Coach in a matter of 3 days. Amen! Obviously first and foremost I am thrilled for Casey and at the same time I have to admit it will fun being "home"!

I was able to catch up with a BFF Toni and her adorable little, big boy! Really big! He's six, a big six! Ace and Easton her son had so much fun running around playing hard! Who would've thought, both moms! From high school travelball, to roommates at Arizona, now moms! So very fun! Yet we are still the same as we were 12 years ago running around the mall but this time chasing mostly Ace but both our boys. It was a fun day.

I'm still trying to get to the gym, haven't made it yet. This is my week though, I'm feeling it!

Ace is great, he is in this running mode. He tells me he is running the bases and just runs and runs. Every once is a while he will drop in a slide and yell safe! It's quite adorable. He is bull legged, like his daddy was, and I hear that means he will be a good runner. A track coach told me that at the Olympic Training Center when he saw Ace, he said he will be a good runner! I reply a 6' 6" white boy, a good runner? Only time will tell! :) Thank the Lord they are straightening out quite well. My fear was he would have to have them set like Casey had to do. It looks like that Coach knew what he was saying because he is running everywhere and running good!

I was able to keep my cooking going, last night vegetable soup! Casey has been requesting it since we got here from my mom! Second best, Casey was happy! Ace too as he kept shouting, "soup, soup, Ace wants some soup!" Smiles all around!

Still dreaming & believing!


Tania said...

Sounds like camp went great!! Unfortunately I was not able to come up with someone to make the trip to Little Rock. Hopoefully some day you can make it to Southern Illinois!! Softball is big down here.
My daughter is playing Regionals tomorrow which means she will watch USA games tonight for inspiration ;-)
Enjoy Ace at his young age because they grow up FAST!!!
I myself would love to meet Crystl Bustos. We are both hispanic which could mean FUN, FUN!!
Take care!!

Alissa Chenetski said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all #1 fans of yours updated, it puts a huge smile on my face to read you blogs when they are posted. I'm so happy camp went well for you, I wish there was one like yours when I was between 10-18 years old. Your boy is so sweet, I saw him in person in Ashland, Ohio, unfortunately didn't have my camera out to get a pic, but I'll never forget you running and chasing him there. It's great to watch him grow with all the picture updates. He has the coolest jersey ever by the way too. Thanks again!

Christine said...

How cute. Ace is adorable. He looks like a little runner. :-) Camp sounds wonderful - you do such a great job! Vegetable soup sounds good too. :-) I just recently found your blog, but I'm looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

My daughter attended your camp this past weekend. She's still starry-eyed over it all. Not only meeting her idols, but also with the amazing experience and skills she left with! Thank you Jennie and thank your staff... just amazing!

Anonymous said...

that sounds great and fun!!! ace i getting so BIG!!♥

anna12! said...

jennie, i am 15 and i would love to go to one of you camps but they are all to far away =[ i want to go to one just so that i can meet my hero, you! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and do a camp in tllahassee florida. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Casey said...

Sounds like you had fun!
I wish I could come to a camp to!
I would love to meet you! It would be awesome! I love to pitch!
You should come to Myrtle Beach, SC and do a Camp, maybe at the Ripken Experience! I bet almost my whole travel team (well, i mean most of the players from all of the teams) would go as well as players from the other teams around here, there is alot of them! I hope I can meet you one day! that is one of my biggest dreams ever, right next to playing on team USA.

Please look into getting a camp in Myrtle Beach!!