Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home sweet home!

We headed out west for some rest, relaxation, family time, golf, and fun! We have camp this weekend in Sacramento so we decided to come to LA for the week prior! Coming home to LA is an indescribable feeling for me! When the wheels hit on the runway I am filled with a sense of home! I love it! I love LAX which seems odd, but for me it means home! Yes, you would think I would've moved on, onto Arizona but I think and hope it will never change! This is where my roots are. Yes, some in Iowa having both parents and brothers that were born there, along with grandparents and so on, but for me this is home! We have just multiplied "homes"! Yes, Tucson and of course Louisiana being a Daigle. But LA is my home and its good to be here!

I tied in Louisiana, getting a recipe from Paula Dean for some good ole mac & cheese! To die for! 3 hours in the slow cooker but well worth it! Trying to keep my cooking streak alive!

We had a crazy week! We had a family get together on Friday, it was so much fun! A cousin of ours was down from Washington and we were able to meet her new baby girl, Ana. She is precious! My brother and his family of 4 came over! We have our first baby Finch girl! Her name is Malaya and she is absolutely gorgeous! I think I held her practically the whole night! Staring in awe of her unbelievably long eyelashes and adorable soft plump pink lips! I could not get enough of her! Her big brother Reshly is so very proud! Ace and Reshly had a blast chasing each other all night, running wild around the house! Uncle Elmer came over too along with my cousin Brandon. Ace had so much fun and continues to ask for Reshly!

On Saturday, Casey and I headed down south to Del Mar to our dear friends Sari and Brian's house! They invited us to play in a golf tournament, at The Bridges!!! Casey was so stoked, like a little kid heading down! He kept reminding me we were going to "The Bridges!" One of the best courses in the US! And yes, it did live up and more to all of his hype! Beautiful & Stunning!!! It was so good to see them and spend a couple of days with them. They are so very sweet, a true blessing to us! Sari was such a rock for Casey while I was in Beijing, we are so grateful for them! We enjoyed staying up late night playing Wii, I need lots of practice to hang! Their community is quite amazing to say the least! Great fun, company, food, golf, we had a blast!

We took Ace to Knott's Berry Farm on Monday. He was in awe! What a little trooper we have. He went on pretty much all the rides his height allowed him too. Camp Snoopy is the cutest thing! We were able to walk onto any and all rides with no lines, Ace even drove the big Riggs 8 times in a row! He loved the log ride too! A bit scary, they allow such little kids on these rides but he enjoyed the risk! It was a fun family day! Oh yeah and I forgot Ace isn't a little boy he's a "big boy"! :)

Yesterday I was able to catch up with my best friends!!! I was reminded reading one of their blogs we have known each other for 15 years and Bri and I for just about 20! Crazy! Crazy! It was so much fun! There is nothing like being in their company, they know me inside and out. I have struggled with being the friend I should be over the years. Yes, I can make excuses but they would just be excuses. Yet, these amazing women continue to be there and a huge part of my life even though we are miles apart and have all ventured off in our own journeys. We are all well traveled which is crazy, from little La Mirada High to all over the world each one of us! Its pretty remarkable! I continue to strive to be like them in so many ways, they are first and foremost all courageous women of faith, perfectionists, fierce, so very intelligent, so very beautiful inside which transcends outwardly, and have continued to amaze me over the years! I am so very blessed and grateful for them and all they are! Our lunch turned out to be 4 hours long and still wasn't enough. I had to confess they were all there with me in China, on the walls of the Bank of America House! Some way a picture of us on nerd day in high school made the collage of athletes in their younger days! To say the least we got a good laugh out of it. My mom took the blame for picking the photos out and shipping them off for use. They couldn't get mad at my mama Bev! As much as I would like to say maybe a prom photo would've been better of us, probably not! ;) Sadly our lunch came to an end, til next time.

As much as its so great to be home, we are never here long enough! We never can fit in seeing all our family and friends we wish too! Too funny I will never forget my grandmother Ada telling me that, "college breaks up families!" Too funny coming from a woman almost 90 years old! I was sadly expressing to her how we are all spread out all over the US, and we never see enough of each other! This is how she replied, "Yep, that's what college will do, break up families!" She knows her stuff, God bless her! I just adore her.

I was listening to a sermon the other day on the radio and it really touched me. The main message was, "Its not what people have done TO you, its what God has done FOR you." We often walk around with maybe bitterness or we allow others to ruin our day, it reminded me we shouldn't. It's what God has done for us and we should rejoice in it and share that love with others! I thought it was pretty amazing and was compelled to share.

Next up Camp... Its so funny I'm already in my no sleeping mode. I'm already trying to rehearse my words and get ready for an incredible weekend! I hope you enjoy yours!


Tania said...

It's great to see you and your family have fun! Ace is adorable!
Friends and family are very important. It's good to know you agree as well!
It's a long time till softball season and it's great that you keep your fans up to date.
Enjoy your time off and have FUN! You deserve it!!!!!


Sandy said...

It's fantastic to see that you're having a blast with your family. I don't talk to my family much:/ I love going to Knott's Berry Farm, I go there all the time because I live in Irvine and I'm pretty close. You're a true inspiration to me and my friends and I hope you have a great time with the camp up north. Treasure every moment in your life and LIVE IT!!!

Makayla said...

Hi Jennie

I can't wait to meet you. I am very excited.

Anonymous said...

i love those pics!!! did any one come up to you and ask for a autograph cuz if i was there and saw u i will flip out (in a good way)lol

god bless

DeeDee said...

Jennie... you've always been an inspiration!!! Days at LMHS playing volleyball with you towering over my 5'2" stature!!! I am blessed by your love for our God and your devotion to your family. Your integrity surpasses many athletes that are in the spotlight! I'm proud to be able to tell my kiddos... hey see that woman there... mommy went to school with her!!!

Blessings on your family,
DeeDee (Wendler) Stewart