Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Apprentice and Training

The Apprentice has begun!  Lots and lots of people are watching and letting me know!!!  No more not being able to chat...  what an amazing experience it was!  I had a blast and really enjoyed meeting the other "celebs".  I was really excited about the task of selling hotdogs, I was raised at the ball park so for me it was very familiar.  It was great because here we are so called "celebs" and I was reliving my snack bar days!  We knew it was about who you knew... $1 dogs weren't going to lead us to victory.  To put it nicely we lost by a bit... over 30k little bit.  We women got smoked!  Big bummer to have to go to the boardroom on the first task and lose a team member.  I was deeply saddened to have to say good bye to my friend Tiffany.  We really got along and I was looking forward to having more time to hang out, she is an incredibly sweet girl.  Stay tuned for more of the drama Task #2... more fun stuff!

We are down here in So Cal at training camp with Team USA... training hard, getting ready for Beijing!  I believe its 210 days away, its coming up on us quick.  We had testing this morning, a couple fun 300 yd shuttles!  Its always fun being together and training together as a team!  One thing I left the Apprentice with is an even greater appreciation for my teammates and us all getting along and sharing one common goal.  We strive to make each other better daily and love doing so!!!  I love my team!  Go USA!!!

Best Always,



finchgirl118 said...

good luck in softball and i cant wait till i see u at willamsport in May. i think u will be happy to hear that i getting a jennie finch windmill for my birthday May 3. i went to ur camp at willamsport and i loved it,i cant wait till u have another camp soon!! ur true number 1 fan katie or finchgirl18

freshman#1 said...

hey there. well i am a new freshamn pitcher at my new highschool. and let me tell you im not the best. i have lots of trouble releasing the ball and how to bring my arm and feet all the way through. ive had coaches tell me what to do but it never seems to work. please tell me or help on what i should do to make me a better windmill pitcher.
your number one fan.