Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jennie Joins the Blogging World

Hey, I have started this blog as we head into the Olympic year! This should be an incredible year as we are on our quest for another Gold Medal!

My previous journal from my website are below.

Please check back to follow this incredible dream journey!

We had a great Christmas with our families! Ace thoroughly enjoyed his 2nd Christmas. Needless to say he knows how to rip his way into presents. We are enjoying this short time together as a family... pretty soon Casey heads out to Spring Training Camp, we USA Softball start training and traveling the US on tour!

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Time is flying by so fast... Casey and I are about to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary in January! I am the magic 2-7! Casey is coming up on his in April. Ace is rapidly coming up to his 2nd birthday in May.
I will be trying to slow down time and just enjoy and celebrate each day!

I hope you will do the same! Enjoy your last few days of 2007.

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