Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rochester, MN!

We had a blast at our last JF Softball Camp of 2009! Many thanks to the Rochester Amateur Sports Association for hosting us and RCTC Softball for assisting us! We had a great group of Coaches helping, my dad Doug, Nicole Trimboli, Stacy May, Toni Mascarenas, Laura Berg, Natasha Watley, and Mackenzie Vandergeest, our Dream Team!

Its been a full year of camps and I am so grateful to all our hosts, our families, friends, Colleges, Sponsors and staff that have made my dream a reality. Bringing softball and dreams to many all over the country and world! Thank you to all!!! Parents of campers and campers, Thank You! In 2009 we had over 3,500 campers, over 15,000 spectators, and were able to bring it to 9 cities! Amazing!

We hope to post the 2010 schedule in January on my website. Hope to see you at camp!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Mac talking hitting!

Toni, working on/demonstrating infield & footwork!

Bergy convincing the girls "Outfielder's Rule!"

My dad & I talking pitching!

Mac who is a firefighter with LA City(living her dream! Dream & Believe Baby!), begged us to stop by the Rochester Fire Station! We had some fun, the guys there were so sweet! It was like college again, Mac begging us to stop by a station in every city! :)

Toni twisted Casey's arm to go along with the girls and Ace, of course! Thanks Toni, I couldn't of got him there. We had fun!

Can you tell I'm a knock off? Posing with Mac aka the real deal! She thought it would be fun to dress me up! One tall firefighter chick I would make! :)

We always seem to find fun!!! I am so grateful for my girls! Thanks for all the memories and fun in 2009! Looking forward to an incredible 2010 with you all!

Dreaming & Believing!


Lindsay said...

Jennie, I would like to thank you so much for hosting that camp. I have wanted to meet you since I was eight years old when I wrote a paper about you. I had so much fun with all of the coaches and learned so much new stuff. Going to that camp made me much more excited and motivated for our softball season this spring. Thank you so much. It was something I have wanted to do my whole life and had a lot of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look like a natural! Maybe you should be a firefighter as like a side job. haha Looks like you had a lot of fun as well as everyone else. Blessings to you! Merry CHRISTmas!

Bianca said...

Hahahahahaha! I LOVE the fire station pictures. They are great.

I'm happy the season has come to a great end. Enjoy the small vacation! See you soon...

Brianna said...

you can tell you are a fake because you are still posing like you have a cute outfit on with your hand on your hip. you gotta look fierce!! :)

khia said...

Jennie, what can I say it's been like 3 or 4 days after the camp and I still can't believe i saw you. When i first saw you comming out i was by my friend Moranda and i was shaking because i have always wanted to see you, and the girls, i was very excited. You are my rolmodel and everything, my friends know how exsited I was to meet you. I have your pictures from the olympics up in my locker at school, in my room and even my ipod, i love the game and watching USA softball on tv, I have watched you play for I can't even count how many when ever your on I watch. I had a blast at the camp I could have stayed there and play with you girls for days, I didn't want to leave. I wrote in my planner at school, "Believe don't Doubt" and friends keep asking my why i write that on every single day until school in out in June. i wrote that because that is what i have learned from you, if i want to play ball like you and become and Olympian i need to believe i can and forget about the doubts i have, to work hard at school and live life. A teacher at my school was very shocked about how much i know about you, she said if i take that focus i have on playing softball through out college and hopefully play in the olympic, i can do great. The pictures are wonderful and i will NEVER forget when i met you and the girls, i will look back when im playing softball or just having a rough day and think about you and what you said. I can't even thank you enough for putting on these camps and allowing not only me but every girl that went to these camp to live their dream, if not theirs mine. Thanks a ton and i hope to see you in the future.

Jennie Finch said...

Lindsay- Thank you, we too had a blast! Glad you learned a lot too! Keep Dreaming & Believing!

Smile Jesus Loves You- Ha, we had fun! Anything for Mac! Many blessings to you and a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for following my blog!

Bi- Hope to see you soon! xo

Bri- Thanks for calling me out! :) Love you! The girls said the same thing when we took to the pic, too funny! xo

Khia- Thank You for your sweet words and your dedication! So glad you were able to live out your dreams, that is what it is all about! Keep giving your all and being the best you can be! Thank You for coming and so glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully we will see you next year. Thank You! Dream & Believe!

ec922 said...

I went to your camp in PA last year! It was such a good experience. You're a great role model, Jennie!

Nikki said...

Jennie, I would like to say have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I can't wait until softball season starts again so you can show that pitching arm and power hitting thats the reason why you wear #27 every year in that KFC World Cup as a USA Softball player. You are an amazing player and a good role model thank you for being a great person to look up to. -Nikki