Monday, December 7, 2009

JF Softball Academy Extravaganza!

We had a great weekend in Flemington, New Jersey at Our first Annual Extravaganza! Leah Amico, Andrea Duran, my dad, and all the JF Softball Academy Staff had an awesome time sharing the game with Coaches on Saturday and then the Players on Sunday. We were even able to witness the snow falling!

For the Coaches Clinic we were able to show them what we were talking about. The Coaches were able to see us perform live rather than just talking through our topics! We had the Finch's Ace's there to help assist too. We were able to run them through drills and work with them which added a great dynamic to the Clinic. Its always fun sharing the game with others. I personally enjoy listening to the presenters and learning from them. Its always great to pick up different phrases or cue words!

The players clinic went great, we had a huge turnout! Lots of exciting softballers... even while it was snowing outside! I am really stoked about all of the great stuff going on at Diamond Nation, and the Academy! The staff work so incredibly hard on a daily bases, enabling and inspiring young girls to love the game! Along with bringing them the best, quality instruction! I am so grateful to all the staff for all the time, effort, passion, and dedication they have to Diamond Nation and the Academy! Thank YOU!

On a personal level, it was fun hanging out with the girls and my dad! Leah Amico has been such an inspiration to me and its been awhile since I have got to hang out with her! First and foremost, she loves Jesus and she lives it!!! Second, she is fun! Third, she paved the way and proved that you can be a wife & mama and still play USA Softball. I have looked up to her since her Wildcat days and I was blessed to be able to share the field with her for her last Olympics in 2004! Oh, yea and she has 3 gold medals! :) I am so grateful for having her to look up to and admire! She is a shining light, a beautiful one! Now a mom of 3 handsome boys, and she has an adorable husband too! Dre, you know I love you too!!! Mad love!!! :) Thanks girls and pops for all the fun!

Dreaming & Believing


Leah said...

Jennie thanks for letting me share with the coaches and players with you. It was so fun getting to know Andrea and to catch up with you! You guys all do a great job teaching the game! I look up to you too and am thankful that you love Jesus too! We will get the "Crown" in the end that will far outweigh our medals! Keep shining!!!

jessicaf1290 said...

I had a blast at the clinic.
I was a college helper and I was soo greatful to be asked to volunteer.
I love the game of softball and I enjoyed working with Leah and watching and listening to Jennie.
The love of the game keeps me going, and helping younger girls is wonderful.