Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off Season!

We have been enjoying our off season to the fullest! Loving our time as a family! This is the time that we regroup and recover from our wild crazy in season schedules! We are having a ball, and not on the ball field, or at the ball park. Just hanging out enjoying life. We are so incredibly blessed to have this time together. Here are some great pics that are better than words to let you know what we've been doing.

Ace & Daddy petting "Fix It, Blondie," at the race track!

Family pic at the Circus! Oh my gosh, Ace had a ball! Okay... me too!

Ace & Casey fishing... its scary to admit but Ace has it in his blood!

Our lil' stunt man, four wheeling away!

Casey & Ace's biggest catch so far of the off season!

We have been mixing in a few JF Camps too! We are half way done for the fall and winter. We've hit Sioux Falls, Virginia, and Sacramento. What a blast we've had at each stop! Thank you to all the many have made it such a great environment and experience! Here are some pics from the camps!

Andrea Duran, Laura Berg, Me, Mac Vandergeest, and Toni Mascarenas! My go to girls! They are the best! We've had such a blast! I am SO lucky and blessed to have them help out with camps! This is in Virginia at a BBQ place. Yes, that's a wild boar in the center!

Sam Bannister, Toni, me, Casey (yes, he actually went to camp, he made my weekend!), Jenae Leles, Alicia Hollowell, and Mac. This was the Coaches for Sacramento Camp plus Vicky Galindo. A great group and we had fun even with the heat of 104!

The girls again in Sac! Check out our new mesh shorts in the pic! Cute and comfy!

Our last 3 camps of the year are filling up quick, make sure to get registered asap!
October 24-25 Little Rock, AR
November 14-15 Binghamton, NY
December 12-13 Rochester, MN
register at www.jenniefinch.com

In between camps, Ive been traveling a little bit. It hasn't seem to slow down too much, which is a good thing! Its not always easy leaving, well never easy, but I've had some incredible opportunities.

Visited with Mizuno, in Georgia. Had some great meetings going over products, checking out whats coming up next. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of the Mizuno brand & family. Its great to talk product, give feedback, see new designs, pick colors, and see what new technologies they have come up with. Lots of exciting stuff and I'm excited and grateful to continue my relationship with Mizuno.

Headed out to Bristol, Conn to the ESPN campus. It is huge, its always fun to visit and be on campus. You never know who you are going to run into Larry King was there the same day we were! Even had the chance to pitch to host Jay Crawford from First Take. We had a good time.
I was there to encourage people, players, Coaches, teams to join WePlay.com. Its a safe, great way for teams and players to have a home on the web. Check it out and join! I brought a camera with me during the ESPN shoot from a couple weeks ago and posted pics to @Weplay: http://tinyurl.com/yccdlsp.

I headed up north for another trip to NY, for a satellite media tour. Announcing my title of Commissioner of the Mexican Avocado League. Here is a shot from the set, I felt like Rachel Ray. Check it out along with many great recipes at www.theAmazingAvocado.com

Looking forward to more fun with the family! I will be heading back to NJ & NY in a few days!
Heading out to DiamondNation for a JF Tournament this weekend, can't wait! The Women's Sports Foundation Dinner & Gala is next Tuesday night, always one of my favorite events of the year! Hope to see you there!

Dreaming, Believing & Enjoying!


Bianca said...

Yay! I love your updates, Finch :) Glad to see all is well with y'all!

Taylor said...

Awwww! Ace is so cute! ♥

I wish I could meet you! Your such a good role model and an awesome softball player! Good luck with everything!

Rake said...

Great times! Enjoy.

Hay AP said...

Jenny, I could so use some advice. My daughter is 12 years old and is a pitcher. She has played for many years. Right now she is stressing out and feels like she must carry her team. How do I support her best? What advice would you have for her and me? Any good resources?