Friday, September 18, 2009

Virginia Camp

Oh my goodness! What a blast we had in Virginia for camp! We had such an amazing turnout! More than 2,000 people were there to share in the festive camp experience! Moments like these prove to me our sport has a bright future! No matter what vote, Olympics or no Olympics!

We had over 2,000 people and over 400 campers eager and excited to learn about this game and about the game of life! Its about having dreams and believing in those dreams! Part of my continuing playing is for these young girls. I still want them to know that just because we are not in the Olympics there still is that dream of wearing USA!

Weekends like this are so overwhelming! Amazing! I love this game and I love the bright future of it! Thanks for another incredible camp!

Heading out to Atlanta to meet with Mizuno, then NY for WePlay!

Next camp will be in Sacramento, California Sept 26 & 27! Spots are still available, its our only stop on the west! Looking forward to it!

Dreaming & Believing!

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Bianca said...

It's about darn time, Jen!!! I miss your pictures and updates :)

Hmmm, now if I can just convince you to do it more often, we'd be on a roll!!!