Sunday, August 2, 2009

USA 2-0!

We won! USA here we come! It was a great game! Over 3,000 people attended! Good times here in Japan! It was a close one, it was so fun being out there on that mound today! Lappin called such a great game behind the plate. She kept the hitters off balance. We opened the game up with getting 2 runs in the first inning and was able to hold the lead. Great to get those butterflies and compete! I LOVE IT! Defense did a great job keeping it to a shut out!

My little friend, the adorable little boy I blogged about yesterday came back today! Oh, he is too cute! He made my day! I was so happy to see him again! Everyone here as been such generous hosts, a true pleasure. I was able to get a picture with him and his family. I will look forward to hopefully getting the picture to show you just how cute he is! They even brought a gift for Ace, so cute! I gave him my batting gloves and he waved them to us as we pulled away. So cute.

It was sad leaving the field in a way. This was our last event for USA for the summer. I know for me its year to year and just thinking that this could of possibly been my last time wearing the jersey makes me... well, its hard to imagine. Tears to say the least. But not dwelling or trying to think about that its just in the back of my mind. I'm just enjoying the moment, loving it, appreciating it. So grateful and blessed!

Speaking of Ace. Oh man I miss my lil' guy! I can't wait to get back to see him and my big guy! Hoping our travel back goes quick! Really quick!

Now... we are going for a Mc Donald's run, our victory dinner! ;) Going for the cheeseburger baby, with fries! Oh and a Diet Coke! :)



kaishimama said...

Your victories are blest.
And, your play was also very wonderful.

You will want to return to the house early.
An Ace waits.
But we are lonely.

I am sorry that I cannot speak English.
The reward of the glove also Only thank you was able to be said.
I wanted to hear the thing of your lovely Ace.
I wanted to present children's clothes like more Japan.
I am sorry that there is not time.
I want to send the photograph taken together.
But I cannot send it when it is not the photograph which processed my body thin 

I pray for your activity in the future!
I look forward to the blog!
You should be able to see again sometime.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on the win! I am so glad you blogged and tweeted about it, because that was and has been my only way of finding out the results of the Japan Cup! Have a safe journey home :)


Bianca said...


Love ya :) Enjoy McD's!!!

1 packerfan said...

Great job on the win!

Wish I could have watched, your a great player. Oh...BTW I'm not a stalker or some weirdo, just like to watch fast pitch the way it is supposed to be played. It helps to teach the kids when you have someone to tell them to watch. You and USA softball definitely fit that bill!

As a follow up to my last comment, the player I commented on before you left for Japan, lost her mother to cancer on Saturday 8-1. I'm hoping that if you play in the Chicago area again next year, we could bring her down to meet you.

Coach Megna

kjmm6v said...

Congratulations Jennie on a wonderful game.

I hope we get to see you at the end of August at the NPF Championship between the Akron Racers and Chicago Bandits.


khia said...

im glad to hear you have won, awsome job

Nikki said...

You are an awesome pitcher and first baseman and also a great inspiration to me. Last year I got sidlined from breaking my ankle and having to get screws put in my ankle, but it didnt keep me away from the game. I hope to see you in the jersey next year because when you are on that field with the rest of the team you seem to be having a great time.